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With the advent of the Coronavirus, most educational institutions around the world are asking students to contribute their understanding of pathogen biology in some way or the other. The virus has not only caused a major pandemic across the globe but also has students writing off assignments after assignments on related topics. Pathogen biology in itself is not such a new course but having to incorporate a case study or example from the current pandemic scenario is a whole different challenge for students who are not so familiar with the topic, which is why they have to seek Pathogen Biology assignment help online.

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A pathogen, in biological terms, is any organism that causes a disease state in an otherwise healthy being. In etymological terms, the word ‘pathogen’ finds its origins from the Greek word pathos meaning ‘disease’ and genesis meaning ‘origin of.’ However, not all diseases are caused by pathogens. Sometimes diseases are caused by a host’s own immune system, certain chemical compounds like toxins, or a genetic disorder. Let’s find out more about this interesting subject of study!

pathogen biology assignment

Some Topics That Our Pathogen Biology Assignment Helpers Think You Should Know!


The ability or potentiality of a pathogen to give rise to a disease state in a healthy host is known as pathogenicity. Pathogenicity is a rather qualitative characteristic, so to say, that is, it merely suggests whether or not a pathogen or a part of it could elicit an immune response.


The degree to which a pathogen can inflict harm to a host organism is known as virulence. In comparison to pathogenicity, virulence can be understood as a quantitative characteristic of the overt immune response.


The ability of a host organism to be affected by a pathogenic organism is called host susceptibility. Unlike pathogenicity and virulence, which are pathogenic factors; susceptibility is a host response parameter. It is important to note that each host system has different response mechanisms, which is why exposure to the same pathogen elicits different responses in different host bodies.

Virulence Factor

Virulence factors or determinants are specific components of a pathogen that target the host cell or tissue to trigger an immune response in the host system. It could be a surface protein, virion coat, bacterial modulin, toxic compound, or any other biomolecule that causes damage to the host tissue in varying degrees.

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With the advent of technology, everything you need is just a click away from you! Now, you could avail of Pathogen Biology assignment help in Canada at the best bargain. Let us tell you why our experts are the best choice for coursework help in Canada. Read on to know more.

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