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Taxation is one of the oldest structures, and evidence of its existence can be found in ancient Egyptian civilizations, books describing ancient Vedic cultures and so on. Taxation can be considered to be one of the oldest standing pillars of power and a functioning system. Taxation and principles of taxation are taught to students pursuing masters and other programs in taxation, economics, and law. Students often feel confused about debating and describing the essential features of taxation and therefore look for principles of taxation homework help.

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Did you know?- According to an online software UFile, 46% of Torontonians enjoy the process of organizing and filing their taxes despite having to go through thousands of old receipts, bills, checks and other things.

Professional courses of taxation are provided in various esteemed universities of Canada, which include York University, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, Alberta School of Business, University of Saskatchewan and more. Courses on taxation and principles of taxation are often provided as part of programs on law and economics in many other universities. The coursework of these universities is often quite demanding, which results in students often requiring principles of taxation homework help Canada.

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An Introduction To The Overarching Principles Of Taxation

According to our experts providing principles of taxation assignment help, it is essential to note the contributions of Adam Smith, a Scottish economist and a philosopher, when we talk about the principles of taxation. In his book The Wealth of Nations(1776), he argued that taxation should follow the four principles of fairness, certainty, convenience, and efficiency. These are considered today the overarching principles of taxation or tax policy.

The governments of all nations have to deal with less revenue, increasing expenditures and fiscal deficit, which can be dealt with by raising additional revenue through taxes. This tax money is then used to maintain law and order and the development of public infrastructure. The overarching principles of taxation developed by Adam Smith, which continue to be relevant even today, are:

  1. Fairness: The taxation system should be fair and compatible with the condition of the taxpayers and designed therefore while keeping their ability to pay tax and family needs in consideration. The taxation system requires you to pay taxes according to a fixed percentage of your salary based on different salary brackets. Moreover, in many countries, you get deductions in your total tax amount based on the number of members dependent on you in your family and so on. The Tax system should be designed to be neutral and impartial.
  2. Certainty: Certainty involves the provision that the taxes paid by individuals should be specific and communicated effectively to the public. Repetitive changes or uncertainties can discourage people from being active, responsible citizens and lead them to commit tax fraud either out of intent or misunderstanding.
  3. Convenience: Convenience refers to the question of how easy it is to pay your taxes. When the tax filing system is overly rigid or challenging to understand, people may feel exhausted and avoid filing taxes on time or correctly. In such rigid systems, it also becomes difficult for the government authorities to keep track of the system and those committing tax fraud. Taxation systems should be easily understandable and easy to use.
  4. Efficiency: Efficiency involves examining how efficient the system of collecting taxes is. The system should be fair, should not disrupt business activities or take up too much time, and the system's overall functioning should not be so costly that it takes away a significant chunk of the total taxes collected.
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These principles of good taxation policy introduced by Adam Smith form a sound basis for taxation even today. Students can take the help of our principle of taxation assignment help service if they face issues in writing assignments on the topic.

Other Broader Principles Covered By Our Principles Of Taxation Essay Writing Help

The above described are the more conventional principles of taxation developed in 1776. Other broader principles have evolved, which govern Global and Canada's taxation policy to a large extent. According to our experts providing Principles of Taxation Essay Writing Help, these principles include:

  1. Broad Application: The taxation system should be spread out for the whole or significant population and avoid taxing any one group of people excessively.
  2. Broad Tax usage: Taxes are collected for general use and should be spent appropriately on a variety of tasks so that it benefits all the classes of the society,
  3. Ease of compliance: The administration and filling system of taxation should be easy to use and understand.
  4. Expenditure matching: The taxation system should be designed to match the number of projected expenditures to avoid taxing excessively. Take our Principles of Taxation Essay Writing Help to understand this better.
  5. Fairness: The taxation system should be designed to put an equal burden on all the people they can afford.
  6. Limited exemptions: Exemptions are provided to encourage specific behaviours, which generally help the country's economic development, but they should be eliminated after a goal has been achieved.
  7. Low collection cost: The taxation system should be cost-efficient and not take up a significant portion of the total amount of taxes collected.
  8. Understandability: The tax system should be easy to understand.

Students may often be required to write assignments or dissertations on taxation policy and may face various problems in doing so. For starters, writing such assignments requires in-depth understanding, knowledge, reasoning, comprehension, time, effort and patience. Students are required to take the time out of their hectic schedules and submit too many assignments in too little time. In such cases, they are likely to either submit low-quality assignments and receive poor grades or get burnt out and fail to submit their assignments. However, there is an efficient solution to this problem.

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