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Respiration is an important process for the survival of all living beings on earth. While all terrestrial vertebrates breathe exclusively through lungs, some species of amphibians can switch to using their skin to breathe while underwater, and some do not use lungs at all. They have various other modes of respiration like plasma membrane, gills, skin, trachea, etc. Pulmonology specializes in the mode of respiration that takes place through the lungs and the various maladies that can ail each of the organs involved in the process. The term may sound simple, but if we look at the studies and researches that go on involving the organs, their anatomy, physiology, and functions, we find that the underlying concepts are surprisingly vast. Owing to this extensiveness of curriculum, students often look for Pulmonology assignment help, and rightfully so!

According to our Pulmonology homework help experts, some important organs that play a part in our breathing are the nose, trachea, lungs, and diaphragm. In the simplest explanation of the events, we breathe when air enters and exits our body through the nasal cavity. The fine hair-like structures inside the nose called cilia lock in all the dirt particles and stops them from entering the lungs. Parallelly, the mucous secreted inside keeps the passage moist and also regulates the temperature of the air that flows inside. But that is not all; pulmonary respiration is a complex process that involves multiple steps for its completion, and our Academic Writing Help specialists explain them all.

pulmonary system fun facts

A Brief Overview Of The Pulmonary System By Our Pulmonology Homework Help Professionals

The pulmonary system is a network of tissues and organs that help us breathe. It includes the organs of the airways like the larynx, trachea, lungs, bronchioles, alveoli, capillaries, and blood vessels. The muscles that control our lungs are also a component of the pulmonary system. All these organs function in tandem to circulate oxygen throughout our body and eliminate the waste byproduct as carbon dioxide.

As we inhale air, it rapidly travels to the pharynx or throat. From there, it proceeds through the larynx to go into the trachea. Inside the lungs, the trachea cleaves into two to form the left and right bronchus. They each then progressively split into thin, branching filaments called bronchioles. The smallest of the bronchioles culminate in tiny, round sacs of air and are called the alveoli. Alveoli are grape-like structures that inflate when we inhale and deflate when we exhale.

Through a complex biochemical process, the alveolar sacs release oxygen into the bloodstream and absorb the carbon dioxide in its place. This exchange occurs in the lungs through the alveoli and a web of minuscule blood vessels known as capillaries, which are positioned in the membranes of the alveoli. This allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to diffuse and pass freely from the respiratory system to the bloodstream.

Once it hits the arteries, oxygen molecules promptly bind to the RBCs that travel back to the heart. Simultaneously, the CO2 molecules in the lungs are eliminated from the body through the process of exhalation.

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What Are The Functions Of The Pulmonary System?

Aside from inhaling and exhaling, the pulmonary system also performs a multitude of tasks like:

  • The pulmonary system is responsible for our speech, sound, and olfactory senses.
  • It regulates the temperature and humidity of inhaled air to match the body’s requirements.
  • Transports oxygen to the cells.
  • Eliminates unwanted gases.
  • Protects the airway from harmful microorganisms, allergens, and irritants.

What Are the Essential Components Of The Pulmonary System?

  • Nose And Mouth: Primary orifices that draw air from the environment into the respiratory system.
  • Sinuses: These are the hollow spaces in the cranium that help adjust the humidity and temperature of the inhaled air.
  • Pharynx: It is a tube-like structure that carries air from the nasal passage to the windpipe.
  • Trachea: A narrow passage connecting the lungs to the gullet.
  • Bronchial Tubes: These are two tubes branching out from the windpipe that go into each lung.
  • Lungs: The primary set of organs responsible for the process of gaseous exchange & respiration.
  • Diaphragm: It is a dome-shaped block of muscle that assists the lungs in dragging in and eliminating air.
  • Alveoli: Minuscule bags of air inside the lungs. The swapping of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place here.
  • Bronchioles: Thin branches emerging from the bronchial tubes leading to the alveoli.
  • Capillaries: Blood vessels embedded in the walls of the alveoli that take up the dissolved oxygen to assimilate it into the bloodstream.
  • Pleura: A thin membrane around the lungs that distinguish the chest muscles from the lungs.
  • Cilia: These are tiny brushes that sway to prevent foreign particles and allergens from entering the airways.
  • Epiglottis: A valve at the opening of the trachea that shuts close when we swallow.
  • Larynx: The organ that moves air to produce sounds and speech.

Top Universities In Canada Providing Pulmonology Courses

Our experts at the Pulmonology assignment help service in Canada have prepared a list of the best universities offering Pulmonology as a subject. They are:

pulmonology assignment help Canada
  • McGill University 
  • Royal College
  • Fanshawe College
  • University of Calgary 
  • University of Alberta 
  • Conestoga College
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

How Do The Subject Connoisseurs Offer Pulmonology Assignment help To The Students?

Our assignment makers hold years of experience in the subject matter as well as in drafting assignments according to the university policies. The questions are often in the form of case studies and convoluted enough to confuse our students, as can be seen from the sample below:

pulmonology assignment help sample introduction

To draft the perfect solution to such questions, these are the steps that our experts follow:

  • Methodical Resolution: Pulmonology assignments involve studying the anatomy, physiology, and functioning of each organ of the respiratory system. This makes extensive research a must before starting on the solutions, and our experts do just that.
  • Precise Writing: To keep the sentences from appearing confusing and hard-to-read, our experts write the paper with clear, concise points and state only the necessary and relevant facts.
  • Use Of Flow Charts And Programs: All our assignments are rife with the necessary flowcharts and diagrams to facilitate reading.
  • Properly Cited References: We accurately cite all the references in your papers following your university recommendations.
  • Rigorous Checking: Our quality management team triple checks the documents after they are completed to eliminate factual errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, etc. This ensures that the assignment you receive is nothing short of the best!

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