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The rational choice theory has helped us mold socio-economic behavior all around the globe. It is often at times used to justify irrational behavior by human beings. Using rational choice theory and implementing it in real life can be easy, but doing your homework on it can be pretty hard. Many students are already busy with handling their tumultuous college life and their internships. They do not have enough time to focus on making their homework compelling enough to secure good grades. That is why the sample assignment proffers rational choice theory homework help to students in need. We have got around five thousand academic experts to provide you with all the homework help, guidance, and assistance you need.

rational choice theory homework help

What is the Rational Choice Theory and give an example of it?

The rational choice theory states that when an individual has to choose between two things. He considers both of them rationally and picks the option which logically benefits him in achieving a desirable outcome. An example of rational choice theory would be an investor choosing to invest in gold rather than in stocks. As he believes that gold will safeguard his money and also offer prospering returns.

Rational Choice Theory Homework Help

How does the rational choice theory explain crime?

The rational choice theory indicates that criminals are rational in their decision-making, that they know the consequences of doing crime, and they still choose to commit it. In their opinion, the advantages of committing a crime outweigh the punishment. The rational choice theory has also received its fair share of criticism, as the theory proposes that criminals act rationally in their thinking.

The rational choice theory criminology infers that individuals that commit crimes are free-thinking individuals who choose to commit a crime. They are driven by the pleasure they experience while doing crime.

The rational choice theory was proposed by economists and later adopted by criminology experts in the late 1970s. One example of the rational choice theory being used in criminology would be that two criminals decide to work together on a plan to steal jewelery from a jewelry store. They do it at night when the owner of the store is out of town.

The robbers choose to do the robbery. They prepared for the robbery by weighing the pros and cons of it. And ultimately they decided to violate the law even after knowing that they will be punished if they get caught.

This is how rational choice theory is implemented in criminology and the homework you will get will be based around it. Law and social science are hefty subjects to deal with, and this assignment only makes students more tiresome. Dealing with a copious amount of work makes them anxious and stressed. They often wish to consult an expert and ask that could you do my rational choice theory criminology essays for me

Rational Choice Theory Homework Help

Well, in case you are facing this situation, the Sample Assignment is here to provide you with all the rational choice theory homework help you need. So that you can secure HD grades and safeguard your future. We have academic writers and subject matter experts in our team who are criminology experts. The academic experts that offer you the best rational choice theory criminology essays Canada can ever have and all of them are well-versed in the laws of contract, tort, and criminal code.

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rational choice theory homework

Why should you choose the sample assignment to do your Rational Choice Theory homework?

We have been rendering our academic writing services to students for more than eight years now and in those eight years, we have learned a lot and have gained a bunch of experience. Our rational choice theory writing services have helped many students secure an A grade on their homework as well. We at Sample Assignment aim at writing top-quality assignments and research papers that would help you make an impression on your teachers. Apart from this, there are a few more reasons to choose our services:

We offer the option of customization

From the start till the end, you can get any customization you want. If there are any specific instructions you want our subject matter experts to follow, they will make sure that they do so too. You get free revisions on your homework in case you want anything revised. We offer all of this so that you can enjoy all the benefits of our rational choice theory essay writing service.

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You only need to provide us with a bit of information regarding your homework, and we will do complete research on it to make your rational choice theory essays impeccable. Our team has got great academic professionals with masters and PhD degrees. They do matchless research on a topic. They go through several sources to get in-depth information on the subject. That is also a reason that we can provide the best research paper writing service.

Topic students often come across while preparing assignments for Rational Choice Theory

There are types of questions candidates more often receive in their academic vocations which deals with different concepts of rational choice theory. Here are some of the sample questions from the subject.

rational choice theory

rational choice theory homework online

Q1. What is the rational choice theory in criminology?

Ans - It is a fundamental tenet of classical criminology which implies the behavior of freely choosing the pain and pursuit of pleasure.

Q2. What is the main idea of rational choice theory?

Ans - The main idea behind the rational choice theory is well-defined decisions people have to satisfy their needs.

Q3. What is the rational choice theory of crime causation?

Ans- Rational choice theory has been integrated as an element in other theories of causing crime which postulates the crime because it benefits him/her in some way.

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