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Understanding risk management with risk management report experts in Canada

  • The study that identifies, evaluates and prioritizes risks in an organization is known as risk management. It is defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives in ISO 31000.
  • Under risk management, the resources are applied in such a way that the risks are minimized, monitored, and controlled.
  • Risk management minimizes risks and maximizes the opportunities.
  • There can be uncertainties in financial markets, threats from project failures, legal liabilities, accidents, credit risks, natural calamities, or uncertain events.
  • The events can be classified into two categories i.e. negative events and positive events.
  • Negative events are the risks and positive events are the opportunities.
  • The risk options in risk management are potential risk treatments, risk management plans, implementation and review, and evaluation of the plan.
  • There are certain limitations in risk management.
  • Risk management can be applied to various fields. Some of these fields are enterprise, natural disasters, project management, information technology, etc.

The various institutions that develop risk management standards are:

  1. Project management institute
  2. National institute of standards and technology
  3. Actuarial societies
  4. ISO Standards

There are variations in the methods, definitions, and goals based on the context of the risk management method.

The process of risk management includes:

  1. Identifying the threats- The first and foremost step in risk management is identifying the threats. The risks can only be reduced when the manager is aware of the risks present in the organization.
  2. Assessing the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats- Next step is to assess what are the specific threats in the organization. There are critical assets that are vulnerable to specific threats.
  3. Determine the risk- Before taking any step, the manager should precisely determine the risk.
  4. Identifying the ways to reduce the risks- This is the most important step in the process of risk management. After the risks are determined, the manager derives different ways to reduce the risks. There are different methods and ways that help to identify the ways to reduce risks.
  5. Prioritizing the risk reduction measures- The managers do not derive one method. The managers identify various methods. After the methods are derived, the managers prioritize the risk reduction measures.
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Principles of risk management identified by ISO

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  1. The risks should be an integral part of the organizational process
  2. Some value must be created by the risks. The consequence of inaction should exceed the resources expended to mitigate risk.
  3. The risk should be a part of the decision-making process
  4. There should be consideration of human factors
  5. The uncertainties and assumptions should be addressed explicitly
  6. The risk should be transparent and inclusive
  7. There should be the best information available on which the risk is based
  8. It should be a systematic and structured process
  9. There should be a chance of improvement and enhancement

There are certain strategies to manage the threat. These strategies are:

  1. Avoiding the threat
  2. Reducing the negative effect or probability of threat
  3. Transferring the whole or part of the threat to another party
  4. Retaining the potential or actual consequences of a particular threat.

There has been some criticism for certain risk management standards for having no measurable improvement on risk. But, there has been increasing in the confidence in estimates and decisions.

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