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Samsung is a South Korean brand of electronic products established in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul. However, the basics aren’t enough to write a case study as a part of our marketing assignment. For this reason, students often look for Samsung market segmentation case study help. We at Sample Assignment are a team of academic experts who have researched various marketing topics and will provide well-researched content to provide the best Samsung market segmentation case study help in Canada.

samsung market segmentation case study help Canada

However, before starting the case study, we need to know some facts about Samsung, like how it grew all these years, its research and development technology, subsidies, and branches. To know about this, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the company or do a lot of research work, but why stress when you have a Samsung market segmentation case study helper to help you out? Our team of experts looks for authentic sources to help you with the research work and write your assignment for you, as sometimes you do not have enough time available because of academics and other subjects to work on.

About Samsung Market Segmentation: From our Samsung Market Segmentation Case Study Help Provider

samsung market segmentation online

Samsung divides all the customers into various segments or classes and offers each segment a different product or model according to the trend and needs of a particular age group. Various segments of the market are based on geography, demography, psychographic, and behavioural aspects. In Canada, Samsung uses segmentation to reduce the risk of deciding when, where, whom, and how marketing will be used. Segmentation helps a company advertise the product because it is only directed to a particular segment and its characteristics.

Samsung Geographic Segmentation divides the region based on north, south, east, and west. As each region might have different demands, they try to fulfil the demands based on the region targeting a particular group.

In demographic segmentation, they try to divide customers into male and female categories, and the age factor is not very prominent for them. Still, their customers belong to the age group of 13 to 60 years. Different income groups are offered products with different features and have various price ranges. That makes Samsung suitable for everyone. They also have a divided customer according to occupation, such as student, employee, and businessperson.

When it comes to psychographic segmentation, customers are classified based on their lifestyle and personalities, like the sports-loving person, Kpop lover.

Whereas Behavioral Segmentation is based on features and benefits, they look in Samsung like storage, design, features. Also, they keep track of exusers, current users, new users, and expected users.

With this kind of segmentation, Samsung targets its customer and gain their loyalty.

samsung market segmentation case study help Canada

Guide To Case Study Writing From The Samsung market Segmentation Case Study Help Canada

  1. Read The Case Study And Question Carefully: Read the given study and the question clearly and analyse the situation and the issues and solution they are looking for.
  2. Identify The Issues In The Case Study: Identifying the theme of the case study and what the issue is they are looking forward to finding the solution is essential.
  3. Link Theory To Practice: Creating the linkage between what you have read and what is done in reality and how we can fill that gap is essential in case study writing.
  4. Plan Your Answer: Plan what your answer will be for each question, and in the case study, writing also you need to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

To elaborate-

  • Introduction: It should clearly state the theme of your case study and how you will deal with them an overview of the work.
  • Body: this part should have answers to all the questions, and depending on the number of questions to answer, divide each answer into paragraphs for clarity reasons.
  • Conclusion: Here, you interlink and give a closing statement that is complete and makes sense to everything you wrote so far.
  1. Edit And Proofread: As you spell check most of your work, same with the case study, you need to spell check it and then read it loud two-three times so that errors you overlooked is visible now; also, check that you have marked all the sources correctly and that all the references used are in the reference list.
  2. Ask For Help: After doing all the research and reading various materials, you could not find relevant materials, or because of lack of time, you cannot do any work so far you can ask for Samsung market segmentation case study help from the experts of the sample assignment.

Sample Of Samsung Market Segmentation Case Study Assignment

Students sometimes want to know what kind of case study question we have solved so far. So let us discuss a few sample assignment questions on the Samsung market segmentation case study written by our experts. Who are proficient enough to solve your query regarding any topic and give an instant solution?

samsung market segmentation case study sample online samsung market segmentation case study sample services

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