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Pursuing a career in the field of law is both materialistically and altruistically satisfying. Statutes and legislations have been made to check the behaviour of a person in society. The prime focus of Strain Theory Homework Help is the exercise of the rights of the individuals does not encroach upon others.

Some of the crimes are Mahim in seand some are Mahim prohibitum.Moral wrongs and legal wrongs are different. All legal wrongs are not moral wrongs like a person committing theft for pacifying his hunger. All actions that could be qualified as morally abhorring may not necessarily qualify as legally wrong like misbehaving with elderly people. Some crimes are both moral and legal wrongs like rape, murder in cold blood, a crime against the state, arson, etc.

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Therefore, criminology helps in outlining the nature of the offences committed in society. This inter-disciplinary subject cuts across various domains like sociology, graphology, psychology, political science, etc. to get the birds eye view of the situation.

By applying various theories of criminology, judges can mitigate or aggravate the level of punishment. Degree of harm inflicted, nature of the crime, age of the victim, habitual offender, lack of remorse, etc. are aggravating circumstances that escalate the culpability or punishability. These mind-boggling permutations and combinations make students plead, Do my Strain Theory homework.

Mitigating circumstances decrease the liability of the offender and reduce the culpability. Age, sudden and grave provocation, involuntary intoxication, victims knowledge of harm, remorse, disturbing past, mental condition, etc are some of the mitigating factors.

These theories and principles guide legislators and jurists to propound the extent of liability of the offender. Similarly, strain theory criminology identifies the cause of crime in a particular group of the society that feels eliminated and not welcome.

Various theories of Criminology

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Social structure theory

This theory is applicable for different approaches followed in criminology. It is also followed in sociology as conflict theory or conflict within the various cultures owing to the difference in perspectives. These deadlocks may lead to encroachment of rights by others in their exercising their rights. With this view, myriad theories may sprout as it takes the spectator to diverse positions. Students often take Electric Essay Help on this topic.

Social disorganisation theory or Neighbourhoods theory

Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay of Chicago school of thought are considered as the founding fathers of this theory. According to this, neighbourhoods that experience social deprivation and class elimination owing to their backward economic status reflect a high rate of population. Statistics show these neighbourhoods house a high rate of versatile heterogeneity. With constant conflict and no possible escape, their social administration develops having fault lines along which delinquent behaviour in teens are developed. It creates difficulty in maintaining peace and harmony among these neighbourhoods and society as a whole. Our Strain Theory writer online also supports this view.

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Social ecology theory

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Since the 1950s, Social disorganisation theory has acted as a catalyst in the culmination of new theories like social ecology theory. It has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that poverty, mental disorders, availability of secluded and abandoned places among various signs of social disintegration have contributed towards a high rate of crime.

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Working-class or middle-class families aspire for development and peace. So, they leave these backward places when they can. Slowly, the neighbourhood is left with the most disadvantaged and backward, both economically and socially, strata of the society. According to William J. Wilson, this acts as a ticking time-bomb which explodes when poverty reaches the highest level of concentration at these places. This results in dwellers becoming violent and thus frequent offenders. Academicians are always looking for Electric Essay Help on this topic owing to its reconditeness.

Mertonian Anomie or Strain theory

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Strain theory or social class theory was first propounded by American social scientist Robert Merton. He described the mainstream culture of America being inspired and derived by dreams of opportunities, individuality, freedom, materialism, and development. He called it the American Dream.

Most of the people living in America can identify themselves with it. It has one become a subconscious cultural and psychological trait. The term American dream triggers a special kind of motivation. Merton, like Durkheim, used to use the term Anomie. For him, its meaning deviated what it meant for Durkheim. Merton described Anomie as a conflict of expectations. The society, based upon its collective prejudgement, expects something from an individual which is in direct conflict with what an individual expects from the society and what he can achieve.

Therefore, if the social structure of the opportunities is made to deprive the majority of the individuals in releasing their potential, these people will feel deprived for no good reason. They become frustrated and chose illegitimate means of achieving their goals. Some of them come under an umbrella and their binds are forged by the binding thread of dissatisfaction that is allayed in delinquent behaviour. They form sub-cultures. Gangs, Hobos, etc are a perfect example of these.

Rational Choice theory

The foundation of this theory lies in the Benthamite theory of utilitarianism. The founding father of Rational choice theory is Cesare Beccaria of the classical school of thought. He believes in the deterrent theory of crime where the punishment is inflicted according to the degree of harm inflicted upon the victim by the offender. Beccaria in his classical work, Dei delitti e Delle Pene or On Crimes and punishments argued in favour of rational penology where he abhorred death penalty, torture or inhuman treatment of offender as a deterrent. Almost all the academicians and Essay Writers have acquiesced to this.

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