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Some of the great philosophers and Jurists believe that law is nothing but common sense. This statement can be held in isolation. But, what about society? The moral standards of society gradually change. For example, a thief was executed in front of all irrespective of the fact that he committed theft for eating. Law is the law. If any action is punishable, the guilty must get punishment for that. Simply imagine the plight of society!

Another example reflects the dynamic nature of societal moral standards. Earlier, if an animal has caused the death of a person, that animal was executed or left alone in the wilderness to die. There was no concept of  Mens Rea  or guilty mind. Anyone who committed a crime was subjected to brutal punishment.

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Slowly, the commission of the crime was not seen objectively rather subjectively. Causes of crime were being perused. The theories of punishment and their purpose were defined over time by great thinkers.

Similarly, criminology became a domain of exclusive research and development. Criminal law comprises of Statutes made by the legislature that are made on the lines of penology, criminology and fundamental rules of crimes. So, Criminology assists in lawmaking. This feature makes student scream, "Do my subcultural strain theory homework help for me."

What is this subcultural strain theory homework help all about?

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reason for deviation

Sub-cultural Strain theory is a subtopic of Criminology where we study the causes of crime or finding out the cause and effect relationship between the circumstances of the offence and the offender. It helps in devising and developing new penal theories that serve the real purpose of criminal law.

In Criminology, Sub-cultural theory is the brainchild of jurists and sociologists of Chicago School. According to them some sub-cultures of the society that do not identify themselves with the rest of the strata are more vulnerable in committing crime and violence.

The subject matter of this domain is to trace the early sign of identification with these subcultures by teenage groups that could lead them from delinquency to become habitual criminals. The reason for this association could be:-

  • The difference in social status
  • Feeling of aloofness
  • Not getting ample opportunities
  • Not getting recognition
  • Child abuse
  • Inequality
  • Poverty

These sub-cultural theories are further divided based on causes of deviation. Some of them may believe that criminal activity in subculture is the outcome of poverty while others may hold social difference as the main perpetrator. All of this is required to be mentioned in the  Case Study Assignment Help.  

According to Cohen, Delinquent subcultures reflect some features that are explained as follows:-

  • Their actions are non-utilitarian. It means that they are interested in creating ruckus and it is not based on economic backwardness.
  • They intend to annoy or harm society. They possess a guilty mind.
  • Pessimistic attitude and negative approach towards life help them to concisely defy the conventional moral standards.
  • Their actions in terms of delinquency are far-fetched. They come up with new and versatile ideas to commit unrest.
  • Philosophically, their offences derive momentary pleasure based on hedonistic principles. They care less about others.
  • They do not reflect narcissist tendencies and very loyal to people whom they consider as their own.
subcultural strain theory homework help

Why studying sub-cultural theory is important?

The theory helps policymakers to see that members of a subculture do not see their actions being targeted as crimes. For them, it is fine. As part of their world, they are expected to act according to their exclusive norms and rules that deviate from conventional moral standards. This helps administration and policymakers in treating delinquents at par.

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What are subcultural strain theories?

Those who believe in this theory believe that deviance is a product of a delinquent subculture. It is a group of young people regulated by deviant principles. Juveniles forming the part of subculture do not identify themselves with the societal norms. Crime is a possible outcome of such a social structure.

What is the subculture theory in criminology?

Subculture theory in criminology is an arm of Chicago School. Henry McCay and Clifford Shaw were the founding fathers of the Neighbourhood theory. Cohen refined it further with his strain theory. Subcultures are social groups of the society and peers in these group tries to fit into social strata to which they do not belong filling them with hostility and aggression towards non-members.

What are the three types of subcultures?

There are three types of subcultures as follows:-

  • Criminal Subculture
  • Conflict Subculture
  • Retreats Subculture

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What is subcultural theory Crime and Deviance?

According to this theory when a group of young people see the difference in lifestyles of others groups and find themselves not getting ample opportunities due to their cultural and caste difference, they deviate from the societal morality and defy these to make their own which are often seen as delinquent and criminal by developed class.

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