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Sustainable development can be called that development that is capable of meeting current needs without compromising the resources and possibilities of future generations. Instinctively, a sustainable activity is one that can be conserved. There is a need for sustainability development studies to promote development, simultaneously saving natural resources. Thus, Sustainability Development Assignment Help has become the most demanding nowadays for all those students who want better grades in these assignments. And for this, Sample Assignment is perfect for all kinds of academic writing services in Canada. Our Sustainable Development Assignment Help Canada has helped thousands of students to achieve top-notch grades in academics.

sustainable development assignment help Canada

Topics Included In Sustainable Development Assignment Writing Help Online

According to our sustainable development assignment helper, the three-sphere framework of sustainability holds great importance in assignment making-

Sustainable agriculture- It is one that contributes to improving environmental quality and the basic resources on which agriculture depends, satisfies the basic needs of fiber and human food, is economically feasible, and improves the quality of life of the creator and the entire society. Sustainable management of agroecosystems is defined by a balanced combination of technologies, policies, and activities, based on economic principles and ecological considerations, to maintain or increase agricultural production and aspirations of the population, but without degrading the environment.

sustainable development assignment help Canada

Human Sustainability- Sustainability that seeks to promote relationships between individuals and the collective use of the common, combining economic growth and environmental respect with social well-being, promoting the maintenance and creation of employment, protecting the safety and health of people, ensuring the reduction of poverty and inequalities, and avoiding situations of social exclusion. It is very important today, although it is redundant or obvious not to understand what it refers to human endeavor since development has been understood as something material that is above dignity, future generations, and the environment.

Sustainable Economy- It is understood as a growth pattern that reconciles economic, social, and environmental development in a productive and competitive economy, that favors quality employment, equal opportunities, and social cohesion, and that guarantees environmental respect. The rational use of natural resources, in a way that allows meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable Development Assignment On Energy And Development

sustainable development assignment question Canada

Assignment on sustainable development comprises key concepts of energy and development. Globally, the distribution of energy consumption turns out to be profoundly uneven. If we had the opportunity to observe our planet at night from space, we could trace the differences in development between the various countries. It can be done just by observing their degree of illumination. We would then perceive the contrast between the developed and rich countries (Western Europe, North America, and Japan, areas of the Far East and South America and Australia) with the immense emptiness of the African continent, where the faint lights of the Maghreb and South Africa and the glow of the oil well fire.

We would appreciate the coastal settlement of South America and the vast empty spaces of the interior of the continent. We could observe the growth of lighting in the countries of Southeast Asia, China, and India. Compared to the decline caused by the economic decline in some countries of the former Soviet block that continues to reflect significant industrialization and urbanization.

According to our sustainable development assignment experts, we can distinguish the large empty spaces, barely inhabited, in Central Asia, the Sahara, the Amazon, the Rocky Mountains, the great Canadian North, the Australian depopulated, or the interior of Siberia. To verify the continuous penetration of civilization in those last spaces less and fewer virgins, observing the colonization routes around which the new settlements are grouped and the effects of forest fires, whose glow is visible from space, and which consume millions of hectares of tropical forest.

Energy consumption in developed nations is estimated to be 80 times exceeding in sub-Saharan Africa. Less than a quarter of the world's population, which lives in the industrialized world, consumes 3/4 of the total available energy. In the world, there are 2 billion people who do not have access to electricity and 1.2 billion who do not have drinking water.

sustainable development assignment help Canada

Key concepts of sustainable development include a linear correlation between the degree of development and energy consumption per inhabitant. It is logical if we take into account that the economic development of a country is related to its productive capacities. In the primary sector (agriculture, livestock, fishing, and mining), secondary (industries), and tertiary (services). Within the latter, transport that allows trade between different human communities plays a determining role. All these activities involve high energy consumption, as we have already seen.

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