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Urban Geography is the study of a town related to its surrounding. It is a branch of geography that examines various aspects of urban life and was developed in the 20th century. With the introduction of urban geography, it became easy to understand the economical activities within cities and recognize the small things that occur on various scales. It consists of an assortment of topics like crime, pollution, social concern, religion, infrastructure, and economic issues, making the students search for urban geography academic assistance through online tutoring.

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Characteristics Of Urban Area

  1. Size- the size of an urban area is much larger than that of rural areas. Urbanity and size of community are positively correlated.
  2. Population- it is connected to size relatively; the bigger the size, the more populated area
  3. Occupation- the major occupations are related to industries and administrative professions.
  4. Mobility- the social mobility is an important feature of the urban area. His merit and intelligence level determine the social status of a person.
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Urban Geography Homework Help In Canada Experts Pov On Importance

Urban geography helps us understand the trends of urbanization and the spatial structure and relate it to the daily lives and concerns of the people. It gives a better understanding of the pattern and lets us have a basic knowledge of location and spacing. Another reason is that it gives us insight into why things are occurring economically and why certain cities are thriving while others are not. Nowadays, the importance of urban geography is at its peak. There are other education fields included under urban geography. Some of these fields are:

  • Behavioral geography
  • Music geography
  • Tourism geography
  • The latest growth in political geography
  • Sexuality and space

Factors Affecting Urban Geography According To The Urban Geography Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring Experts

  • Industrialization- urban growth has been stimulated by the techniques of production associated with the industries. The introduction of machinery, development of steam power, or any big project led to the establishment of manufacturing plants that brought the mobility of workers.
  • Development of Transport- development is an ongoing process; the facilities that cities offer for transportation show the urban growth. The town is connected through developed means of local transportation also.
  • Economic Pull- towns provide more opportunities for personal growth as compared to rural areas. Modern business attracts people to cities because they get paid a generous salary.
  • Educational Facilities- the elementary schools in the city are more developed than in the rural area. Thus, they offer better facilities by providing extensive libraries, smartboard learning, and many other things.

What Are The Learning Objectives Of The Course?

According to the urban geography academic assistance through online tutoringers, the following are the learning objectives of this course:

  1. To understand and acquire the critical approaches in urban geography
  2. To relate the topics and techniques to the cases.
  3. To develop the skills in the critical analysis of the theory associated with urbanization.
  4. To apply the knowledge in an analysis or any public policy.
  5. To understand the basic concepts of urbanization and where they are strong

Top Canadian Universities For Geography

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. University of Toronto
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. Western University
  6. University of Ottawa
urban geography academic assistance through online tutoring canada

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