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Habitats, Woodland And Diversity In Latin America

Many experts consider Latin America as the richest region in biodiversity, or from another perspective, as the largest biodiversity reserve on the planet. This derives from the varied topography and geographical location, ranging from the north of the equator to the South Pole.

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Latin America covers an area of more than 20 million square kilometers, extending from the border between the United States and Mexico above 30 ° north latitude, to beyond Cape Horn, that is, 50 ° latitude. South which implies a great variety of climates from tropical to the Antarctic.

To this enormous variety of climates is added a landscape characterized by high mountains, humid areas, forests, extensive plains, deserts, steppes, high moorlands, mangroves, etc. This is how the combined diversities of climates and geographical features result in a great variety of habitats. It could be said, without much risk of being wrong, that the predominant feature of the region is its impressive diversity, perhaps the greatest of all continents.

The clear expression of this diversity is revealed as being the wettest region on the planet and at the same time hosting the driest area, the Atacama Desert. Its average rainfall is 50% higher than the world average, concentrating 30% of the planet's total inland water, with an average annual runoff of 370,000 m 3 per second.

According to our woodland homework experts, this dominant peculiarity immediately determines that the analysis of Latin American environmental problems escapes any attempt at generalization; what may appear valid in certain geographical areas is not valid in others.

However, it should be borne in mind that even when this diversity occurs at the regional level, it is not necessarily characteristic of sub-regions or countries. Only Mexico, Colombia, and Peru combine a great variety of ecological zones: mountains, deserts, tropical forests, and so on.

It Is Possible To Distinguish In Latin America At Least The Following Ecological Zones That Define Different Types Of Habitats:

#1. Hyper humid and humid: they have high temperatures and an average annual rainfall of more than two meters, with maximums of up to more than nine meters, such as Choco in Colombia. They include the evergreen rain forests (tropical rain forests); obviously, most of the Amazon falls into this category.

#2. Sub-humid: their precipitation levels fluctuate between 700 and 2 000 mm per year, but they also have a dry period per year that can range between three and eight months. They are the low deciduous forest areas of Central America and some areas of northern and central South America. This category also includes tropical grasslands or savannas and temperate Pampas or grasslands.

The former, with its two million square kilometers, represent a tenth of the region and include, among other types of savannas, the Venezuelan plains and the Brazilian closed. The pampa or temperate grassland or extratropical savanna covers 500,000 km 2, practically its entirety is located in Argentine territory, and it has an average of 500 to 1 000 mm of annual rainfall, with temperatures ranging between 16 and 17 ° C.

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#3. Semi-arid: Annual rainfall fluctuates between 400 and 700 mm, with variable temperatures. The vegetation is mainly of shrubs, with little or even absence of trees; some types of agriculture are possible.

#4. Arid and desert areas, in which the rains may be absent for more than a year, with extreme cases such as in the deserts of southern Peru and northern Chile, wherein regions such as Iquique very drizzles were recorded in only 17 of the last 50 years. The Atacama Desert constitutes the driest area on the planet and illustrates the extreme point of this category. Special cases in this category are the Brazilian Caatinga (Northeast), some areas of northern Venezuela and Colombia, the valleys in Mexico, and certain arid or semi-arid areas of the Netherlands Antilles.

Apart from the previous classification, which response to the characteristics of traditional terrestrial ecosystems, it is necessary to remember the specificity of the ecosystems, woodland, or habitats: mountain, coastal, wetlands.

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