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Capital Budgeting! What is it?

The process of evaluating the expenditures or investments which are considered to be significant in number is referred to as capital budgeting. It mainly constitutes the decision to be taken in order to invest the current funds for the addition of modification disposition or replacement of fixed assets. It is a tool used to maximize the future profit of an organization. There are challenges faced by the organization in the selection of two projects or investments and buy or replace decision. Capital budgeting is mainly the process of planning the benefit and expenditure and then deciding on whether to invest or not on a particular project due to investment possibilities which not be much rewarding.

Techniques involved

There are certain methods involved in the capital budgeting discussed by the professionals offering capital budgeting assignment help in Australia:

Payback period method- it is the total number of years taken by the organization in order to retrieve its original investment by net returns before depreciation and after taxes. Its emphasis is on the project's economic life, cash flows and investment made in the project without considering the time value of money. In this, the selection of proposal depends on the earning capacity of each project. The method does not consider the significance of time value of money as well as the dimensions of profitability as it is mainly based on thumb rule.

Accounting rate of return method- this is a method which helps overcome the demerits of the payback period method. The criteria for this method is that the project having higher ARR will be taken into consideration and those which are below the predetermined rate will be rejected in comparison to the minimum rate established by the management.

Discounted cash flow method- Through the life of an asset the cash inflow and outflow is calculated in this method. After this, with the help of a discounting factor, it is then discounted which further leads to the comparison of cash inflows and outflows. It includes the interest factor and returns after the payback period.

Net present value- It is a method which evaluates capital investment proposals. The method involves the time value of money with the consistent objective of increasing earnings for the owners.

Internal rate of return- When the rate at which the net present value of the investment becomes zero is called as an internal rate of return. It takes into consideration the time value of money.

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Why is Capital Budgeting Important?

  • Scope for evaluating different projects
  • Useful in exposing risks and uncertainty of the projects
  • Keep a continuous check on investments
  • Provide effective control to the management on cost control of capital expenditure project's
  • Provide effective control to the management on cost control of capital expenditure projects


  • Selection of profitable projects
  • Control on capital expenditure
  • Identifying the appropriate sources for funds


  • Identification and generation of project
  • Screening and evaluation of the project
  • Selection of project
  • Implementation
  • Reviewing performance

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