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A case study is a comprehensive study of a specific subject, such as a person, group, place, or organization. It is a research method about the development of a particular group, individual, or organization over some time. The analysis for the case study is administered as per the details and specifications, which are so typical to follow that it makes it challenging for the students to make case study assignments.

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Making a case management assignment is not a cakewalk for all. It requires thorough research, in-depth knowledge of the specific subject, and enough time in hand to complete the assignments. Still, it becomes very hard for the students to manage their studies and other extra-curricular activities, leaving their day-to-day lives on a hiatus. Here is when you could use some case study assignment help from our expert team to your advantage!

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Parts Of A Well Written Case Study Assignment

A case study assignment is amongst one of the toughest academic papers, according to students worldwide. It requires thorough research and in-depth knowledge of the subject. It is written in a certain format to communicate the crux of the research effectively. The important parts of a well-written case study assignment are as follows:

  1. Research
  2. Title
  3. Abstract
  4. Study
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Types Of Case Study Assignments

A Case Study is a research approach that is employed to create an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complicated issue in its real-life setting. It focuses on qualitative data using methods such as newspapers, interviews, observations, physical artifacts, archival records, documentation, and analysis of primary and secondary sources. Sometimes a case study also scrutinizes quantitative data.

The various types are mentioned briefly your case study assignment experts for your understanding below:

  • Collective Case Study: In this type of case study, the researchers study a group of people or an entire community in a certain setting.
  • Descriptive Case Study: In this type, a descriptive theory is the main highlight. The studied subjects are observed, and the gathered information is then compared to the pre-existing theories to conclude.
  • Explanatory Case Study: This one is often used in causal investigations. Researchers are very interested in the factors responsible for certain things, and a descriptive case study serves this purpose just right!
  • Exploratory Case Study: This case study is used for more in-depth research about a certain topic or subject. This asks researchers to gather and present as much relevant information to back up the hypothesis they aim to present via the case study.
  • Instrumental Case Study: The researchers can understand more than what was observed earlier by the former students who researched the same topic.
  • Intrinsic Case Study: This kind of case study assignment contributes to the development of psychological theory. In this, the researchers present their personal opinions and inclinations regarding the case.

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