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Conceptualizing Change Management With Change Management Assignment Help Service

Change is the fundamental key to organisational growth and development. Every organization will have to undertake projects which aim at enhancing performance, strategize, look for new avenues and initiatives. Many of these translate not in the form of organizational overhauling but rather changes in the organizational structures, profile and technological advancements.

The discipline which focuses on how to prepare personnel to equip themselves to be instruments of change and align themselves to organizational goals is Change Management.

Though not a new domain it has recently become crucial to any organizations capacity to sustain itself. The concept of change management, you would be surprised to know goes back to almost the beginning of the twentieth century. The pioneer in this area was Kurt Lewin who suggested the 3-step model.

The trajectory further developed with Everett Rogers work in the 1960s and Bridges Transition Model of 1979. Despite these spurts, the concept did not hold sway until the early decades of the twenty-first century where perhaps, the drastic changes swept in by the information technology made it mandatory for organizations to accept CHANGE as an essential rather core SKILL.

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Change Management cannot be achieved in isolation. The various players in an organisation have to blend and play in tandem. If the change desired is to be holistic and positivist then it has to work at three levels

  • Individual
  • Organizational
  • Enterprise

Individual it is in human nature to deflect change, resist it. Hence, one aspect intrinsic to change is that the individual should not be resilient to change. Using positivist psychology, one has to ensure that members of an organization can make a successful transition and are ready to pick up new skills. One of the most relevant models suggesting means to adopt the path of least resistant when it comes to change at the individual level is ADKAR.

Organizational is again attempting to make changes at a much wider platform the organization as a whole.

Enterprise change management takes it even further whereby the focus is to align the myriad role of the organization, its numerous processes, core competencies, projects are all integrated and linked unto the process of change management desired and valued by the managerial core of the organization.

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The surge in the changes that are happening in todays world can completely disrupt and sabotage your organization unless and until you are open to embrace and more significantly understand the change.

Adopt the PDSA Cycle

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Act
  • Study

Crucial Steps for Efficient Change Management

  • Focus on what needs improvement
  • Plan for the Change Have a well-drafted Road Map
  • Identify Resources
  • Communication
  • Organizational Cultural change
  • Envisioning Goals
  • Monitoring Resistance to Change
  • Helping to Adapt to Change
  • Impact Analysis
  • Review, Appraise and Revise.
change management assignment help

Remember theorists agree that adapting to change is a tedious and cumbersome process. It involves teamwork, having all the people on board and in agreement. This requires transparency and constantly garnering views, feedbacks and diffusing resistance to change. Consistent evaluation and planning are crucial to effective change management.

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