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The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Dementia as a condition in which a person loses the ability to reason, interpret and think "beyond what might be expected from normal ageing". It is an outcome of several injuries and diseases that influence the brain, such as stroke. Around 50 million people worldwide have Dementia.

According to the WHO expert, it is constantly growing concerning public health issues. People who have Dementia are not able to take care of themselves. It leads to economic problems for communities and families. WHO experts estimate that by the year 2022, caring for a person who has Dementia will cost around $2 trillion (US$) every year. Moreover, this increases career opportunities. Hence, several students are interested in pursuing the course CHCAGE005. If you have any queries concerning your assignment solution on CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with Dementia, then you can connect with our CHCAGE005 assessment answersexpert.

chcage005 provide support to people living with dementia assignment help

An Overview of CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living with Dementia

The course focuses on the knowledge and skills to assist individual-centred care to people who have Dementia. Also, it comprises working upon an established individual plan. Furthermore, the course applies to the community or residential workers, as work conducted needs some judgement and discretion and can be carried out under indirect supervision. For more information concerning the course, our experts at CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with dementia assignment help.

chcage005 provide support to people living with dementia assessment answer

Learning Objectives Covered In This Course

After completing the course, the students will be able to:

  • Address and look for individual requirements for a secure environment.
  • Identify signs of physical, emotional or physical abuse or report to the right person.
  • Employ non-verbal and verbal communication techniques to maximise the individual's participation suffering from Dementia.
  • Understand individualised plans and acquaint yourself with the particular requirements of individuals who have Dementia.
  • Use individual-centred care terminologies to all interconnections with individuals who have Dementia.
  • Manage tasks that are good for the individual's health, showing their cultural dislikes and likes, and retain their happy memories.
  • Provide assurance and gain cooperation with the help of reality orientation.
  • Gather data about the person's routines and reminiscences with carers and family.
  • Employ self-care methodologies.
  • Check the comfort and safety of the individual balanced with risk-taking.
  • Employ several methodologies to relieve the agitation and distress of the person with Dementia.
  • Assist with guidance to family, if required.
  • Participate in team discussions and minimise the impact of behaviour on the individual and others.
  • Conduct tasks that focus on independence, with the acquainted routines and skills.
  • Examine executed activities with the support planning team to ensure the better condition of a person with Dementia.
  • Employ appropriate self-care techniques and look for assistance if needed.
  • Examine your stress level in connection with people suffering from Dementia.
  • Act by organisational reporting needs, including reporting observations to team managers.
  • Store, complete and keep records as per organisational protocols and policy.

chcage005 provide support to people living with dementia assignment help

A Sample Question Received By Our Experts

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Ques file

chcage005 provide support to people living with dementia assessment answer sample assignment

Solution file

chcage005 provide support to people living with dementia assessment answer sample solution

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Peer Review on the Growth of Dementia In Australia

It is a major issue in Australia. Also, it has extreme outcomes of quality and health of individuals and their acquaintances. As per the recent research by the scholars, "In 2011, there were an estimated 298,000 people with Dementia. This number is expected

to increase markedly over time, with projections suggesting it will reach around 400,000 by

2020 and 900,000 by 2050" Although it cannot be neglected that it is an inevitable ageing phase, it also affects the younger generation.

Sources - Australian Institute of Health. (2012). Dementia in Australia. AIHW.

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