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Chcece004 Assessment Answers: A Blueprint Of Building Healthy Lifestyle

Chcece004 Assessment Answers

Last decade has witnessed a drastic increase in all types of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, etc. This can only be prevented when healthy eating habits are developed from childhood. The intake of proper diet and building prescribed eating habits are not just about providing the right food. It is about the subconscious growth of what a person feels about the significance of diet. Their interest in participating in activities for understanding the need for their bodies is crucial.

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Students often feel overwhelmed when they are required to make a balanced diet plan for all age groups for a chcece004 assessment. The approach needed for designing or prescribing a diet plan includes consideration of age groups, the cultural requirement for appropriate food practices, and no repetition of recipes. So, they are often seen running asking, "Will You help me in finding chcece004 assessment answers?"

A Glimpse on chcece004 assessment task:

Chcece004 Assessment Answers

Chcece004 Assessment Answers

Chcece004 Assessment Answers

Chcece004 Assessment Answers

Why Do You Need Our Chcece004 Assessment Answers?

Chcece004 Assessment Answers expert at Hello Assignment Help have years of experience and hence, they know the core principles on which the subject is based like:-

  • Security
  • Partnerships and social coalitions
  • Respectful and selfless bonding
  • Equitable outlook 
  • Recognition and acceptance for cultural diversity
  • Spreading constant awareness and practices of introspection

The individuals who help in making the environment for building healthy food habits have observed that children who inculcate these reflect:-

  • Strong self-confidence and sense of identity.
  • Connection and feeling of empathy in general towards the world at large.
  • Heightened sense for maiming good health.
  • Ability to solve a problem and create innovative solutions.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Essentials of Promoting Healthy Eating

Every chcece004 assessment case study aims to prove that eating is not only about the intake of proper food, but creating a holistic environment to imbibe moral values regarding eating. Many cultural and traditional practices have attached sacredness towards eating through:-

Setting Positive Ambience

Everything piques the interest of the children less than five years of age. They are introduced to new things every day and gradually learn to fit into the environment by imitating others. When trying to feed themselves, they often mess with the floor, their clothes, and food. So, it is advisable that children must be given foods where it is easier to clean afterwards.

Utensils And Furniture

If the space available is limited and can't be cleaned readily, use a tablecloth or a reusable sheet spread for the eating area. Children tend to spill their food out from the bowl or plate and then eat it. So, make sure the surface of the cover is clean and harmless. The child and you would enjoy the mealtime without worrying about anything.

The same procedure is followed for outdoor and indoor picnics. Children enjoy fun activities and touch for nature relaxes them. It has been observed that if the ambience so presented is lively and joyful, children develop a liking towards eating as a fun activity rather than a tedious ritual. It can be done by using bright coloured objects like chairs and sheets.

Making Meal-Time Fun

Games that include eating could be introduced. Food can be made or presented in the shape of their favourite cartoon character. Keeping them involved can do the trick. Let them help in the process of making meals. Stories that attach moral values towards curbing wastage of food can be told to inculcate empathy towards less privileged and develop respect towards food.

The Developmental Needs of Children as per the Best Chcece004 Assessment Answers Helper:


Changes with the development of a child

New Born

Stimulus helps them to drink

  Six to ten days

Identifies the smell of milk

One to three months

Develops liking of touch when fed and being held while feeding

Three to four months

Anticipates food from time to time

Three to six months

Develops communication while feeding

Four to six months

Food gets swallowed

No more holding of head while feeding

Control on reflexes

Can communicate when do not want to be fed by closing mouth or crying

Gets happy when favourite food is fed

Can take objects from hand to mouth and identify taste with objects

Nine months

Able to chew

Food becomes   a plaything

Can handle small utensils like cup and spoon

Likes to feed self

What Does Australian Dietary Manual Suggest?

  • It encourages the reader to have plenty of drinking water.
  • Sweets and snacks that are high in carbohydrates and processed sugar must be given only sometimes in small amounts.
  • It discourages the use of excessive fats and oils and understands the difference between good and bad fats as diet low on fats is not prescribed for children.

What Are Good And Bad Fats?

Good Fats

Bad Fats

Unsaturated Fats that are found in canola oil, Avocados, dry fruits, nuts, and butter made from nuts.

They are saturated fats found in butter made from milk, cream, coconut oil, palm oil, margarine.

Omega 6 and 3 are good fats found in fishes, salmon, safflower, soybeans, etc.

Bad fats are trans fatty acids contained in hydrogenated vegetable oils.

What Are The Requirements For Planning A Menu?

When a menu is being planned for a  Sample Assignment on chcece004,  the following rules are to be kept in mind:-

  • Guidelines mentioned in the Australian Dietary manual.
  • Guidelines for feeding infants
  • Australian guide to eating healthy
  • The rules and regulation of the organisation
chcece004 assignment help chcece004 assessment answers

Promoting Healthy Foods and Drinks in School

There are several methods of promoting healthy foods and drinks in school and convincing the students to have them -
When describing healthy meals in the canteen, use fun and creative words - Try these interesting, evocative terms to spice up the menu at your canteen with healthier options:
Use marketing strategies to increase canteen sales - Use these suggestions to draw students to your canteen and increase sales of your healthier offerings.
By tailoring the prices of green foods and healthy drinks, you can promote and boost up the sales of comparatively healthier options.
Theme day ideas in events - There are many other suggestions to offer fresh meals and beverages at the canteen, including sports, health, cuisine, and cultural themes.
Arrange celebration days in the canteen - Through creative titles and entertaining presentations, special events are a terrific way to give your canteen's standard menu a fun touch.
Healthy school celebration ideas - There are delectable and enjoyable alternatives to cakes and candies for significant events in your school.
Involve the school community in promoting healthy eating by utilising pre-written articles or newsletters
Promote healthy food fundraising ideas by suggesting alternatives to cake stalls and chocolate drives and non-food fundraising ideas by engaging Ideas for entertaining and original activities that will engage the entire school.

Promoting Healthy Food and Drinks in the Workplace

To adhere to the Healthy Choices recommendations, it is important to encourage the consumption of healthier meals and beverages while discouraging the consumption of harmful ones. This calls for consideration of the food and beverage labelling, location, price, and advertising in your restaurant or business. The several ways of promotion include -

Labelling - Clearly label the foods with different colours suggesting the level of healthiness when opted, for example, green for best choices and red for limited.

Placement - Once labelled, make sure to place the green items in suitable, convenient and prominent areas, such as reception desks, counters for waiting, at the eye level of shelves and fridges, in front of cabinets, etc.

Pricing - Ensure that the green or the healthier food options are more affordable rather than the red or, the unhealthier ones. For example, fix the prices of water bottles to be cheaper than soft drinks.

Promotion - Promotion of the healthier items can be done in various ways such as presenting the green items more attractively, including special offers like buy one and get one free, or even making them visible in high traffic areas such as counters, vending machines, staff boards, menus, etc.

Communication - Using newsletter template, you can create a concise piece that informs your workers and customers about the upcoming changes to your eateries, catering services, and vending machines. It quickly outlines the Victorian Healthy Choices recommendations and the reasons your organisation decided to put them into practice.

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