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Quick Glance At CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate In People Practice And How To Avail Of Online Help

If you are reading this page, the chances are that either you are already enrolled in this certificate course, or you are gathering information to get into one. The certificate course we are talking about is the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice offered by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development to help you skill up your Human Resource or Learning and Development career!

cipd level 3 foundation certificate in people practice

This course gives all the enrolled students a chance to build upon the knowledge and information around the HR profession, not only in a theoretical light but also in a more pragmatic approach towards the role. This is accompanied by many projects and assignments given to the students to keep track of their learning. Since it is not always feasible for the students to do it by themselves, owing to time and other constraints, they choose to take up Level 3 foundation certificate assessment help online.

cipd level 3 foundation certificate in people practice

CIPD Level 3: What Does It Mean?

If you wonder what CIPD Level 3 (equivalent to) is, let us tell you very succinctly and clearly what it’s all about.

Level 3 is the foundation level, in a sense the most basic level of a professional course. This Level 3 course is ideal for those who do not have any background in the HR or L&D sector and wish to pursue the same. It provides a foundation for learning in HR and L&D as two separate pathways that you could choose according to your career plans. The difficulty level for this course is nearly equal to an A-level or the basic level. The next is the Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management.

Foundation Certificate In People Practice Syllabus And Learning Outcomes

This CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate Course takes about 8-12 months for completion and is designed to cover four extensive modules rich with subject knowledge - both applied and practical. Let us take you through these modules to help you get familiar with what is CIPD level 3 (equivalent to).

  • People Practice Essentials
    • This module is designed to teach the fundamental concepts of People Practice and how to apply them in real-life situations effectively.
    • For instance, it teaches skills like creating policies and laws, regulating and managing them, the employee lifecycle, etc.
    • It also sheds light on the detailed mechanism of how talent is recruited for a company or firm and how the process is managed, the aftermath of the recruitment drive, the rewards and punishments in the learning and development sector, etc.
    • What are the variables or factors to which employee performance is subjective? This certificate in training practice also focuses on understanding these factors and working on them individually to tailor them according to each employee to boost the output for both the employee as well as the company.
    • Skills around selection and appointment of a competent workforce through a procedural assessment of the lifecycle of an employee.
    • Comprehending the legislative policies and ethical organisational practices as this would include a diverse range of factors that will decide recruitment and staff-management relationships.
  • Business Culture and Change in Context
    • This module of the CIPD Foundation level course will teach about the prominent external factors that influence or impact a company’s business and the context in which the entire setup operates, including what a goal, objective, and vision are and why they are all important.
    • Essentials of workplace culture and how it is a dynamic exchange between the employees and the workplace rules and norms.
    • Learning competence of employees and adaptation mechanisms adopted by them to get gelled into the workplace environment.
    • Learning how the people professionals impact the other employees of a company and how their actions and decisions affect the motivation and eventually a considerable work output.
  • People Professionals - Core Behaviours and Gestures in Workplace Setting
    • How to approach the customers to inform them about your service while keeping in mind the ethics and principles on all grounds?
    • The various ways a professional can recognise and accept their mistake and put up a healthy and humble attitude towards the employees or customers. Empathy is a key focus in the CIPD level 3 learning and development course.
    • Upholding ethical and moral principles and applying them within your work, conforming to the laws and rules even if it does not align with your individual perspective but benefits the organisation.
    • Communicating differences and disparities in viewpoints inclusively and respectfully.
  • Analytics
    • This module of the CIPD Certificate course teaches utilising analytical and evidence-based skills to deliver holistic solutions and pragmatic decision-making for creating impactful value.
    • Importance of data measurement and data management to make informed decisions.
    • Critical thinking skills and research skills to interpret financial and other aspects of information imperative to one’s role.
    • Creating value and teaching the employees and stakeholders how the service needs to grow and reach as many as possible.

    An Assignment Sample On CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate Course

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    cipd level 3 foundation certificate in people practice sample

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