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What Is Clergy?

As clergy, the class made up of priests who are guided by Christian doctrine, according to the precepts of the Catholic Church, is called. In this sense, clergy can also refer to clerics considered as a whole. The word, as such, comes from the Late Latin Clarus, and this from the Byzantine Greek (kleros).

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As such, under the clergy denomination all persons who have been ordained in religious services, such as priests and deacons, are considered. The existence of the clergy dates from the middle ages when the religious establishment enjoyed certain privileges equivalent to those of the feudal nobility.

The function of the clergy is the practice of worship, which included the celebration of the liturgy, teaching, and preaching, as well as the administration of the sacraments (baptism, confirmation, marriage, extreme unction, etc.)

Regular And Secular Clergy

As regular clergy, it is called that which is subject to the rules of a religious order and consecrated to the service of the Catholic Church and the study and preaching of Catholic doctrine. As such, the regular clergy is characterized by taking vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. Some religious orders that are part of the regular clergy are, for example, that of the Benedictines, the Franciscans, or the Jesuits.

For their part, the secular clergy, that is, those who live in the world and not in the cloister, are those whose clergy live among the people, get involved in the life of the communities, administer the sacraments and preach the word. As such, it is the part of the clergy whose hierarchical organization starts with the pope, up to the bishops, priests, and deacons. The secular clergy is the one in charge of the administrative functions of the Catholic Church.

High Clergy And Low Clergy

Formerly, as high clergy, it was called that which was made up of archbishops, bishops, cardinals, abbots, and canons who came from wealthy families and boasted nobility of lineage. On the other hand, there was the lower clergy, made up of priests and deacons from humble origins. In this sense, the high clergy were the equivalent of the nobility in clerical society.

The Clergy And The Church In The French Revolution

According to the experts offering help with Clergy assignment, the religious question in the French Revolution had two aspects, one ideological and the other socio-economic, closely linked. Enlightenment had always advocated a profound reform of the Church to avoid its power in the culture, education, and mentalities. To put it at the service of the State, an aspect that coincided, in part, with the traditional policy of the Crown, French (Gallicism).

But this reform also had to do with the nationalization of clergy assets, something more novel and already clearly linked to the revolutionaries. In return, the state should support the Church. The nationalization of the assets should lead to their sale to alleviate the deep financial crisis of the State, inherited from the old regime. Those sales, moreover, would strengthen the power of the bourgeoisie, with obvious hunger for land.

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This economic and social dimension, set in motion in the Constituent Assembly, was followed in the rest of the Catholic countries when they launched their respective liberal revolutions, as in many Italian states or Spain with the confiscations. The revolutionaries also decreed the abolition of the tithe, the fundamental tax base of the Church.

On February 13, 1790, the Assembly approved the Decree of suppression of the regular clergy and the need to reorganize the secular clergy. On July 12 of that same year, the Civil Constitution of the Clergy was approved, by which ecclesiastics became officials of the French State, by being framed in an administration similar to the civil one, suppressing the solemn vows they gave. Each department would have a bishop. Above, ten ecclesiastical metropolises were created as seats for the archbishops.

All priests, bishops would be chosen as was done with officials and had to take an oath of allegiance to the Nation, the Law, and the King. The French clergy were detached from obedience to the Pope. Rome reacted forcefully. Pius VI condemned the Civil Constitution. From that moment the French clergy were divided into two.

On the one hand, there would be those who accepted the change or sworn in and, on the other, those known as refractory, faithful to the Pope, in addition to embracing the counterrevolutionary cause. The French religious problem acquired an obvious international component. The separation between France and Rome was partially settled with Napoleon with the Concordat of 1801.

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