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What Is Clinical Sciences?

Clinical Sciences is a branch of medical science you will study under the health sciences, alongside gaining a foundation in a related research laboratory and investigation skills. The course brings together the expertise of two areas Biological Sciences and Medicine. Our Clinical Sciences assignment experts explain that in Clinical science you will research in areas such as heart disease, genetics, tumour, and diabetes. The research done at the time of course will continue to have a real impact on the health and wellbeing of people you deal with in the future.

Clinical Sciences and Medicine

The Practice of Clinical Sciences and Medicine

No greater prospect, responsibility, or accountability can befall a human being than to become a medical expert. In the care of pain, the doctor needs scientific knowledge, technical skills, and an understanding of human behaviours... From the doctors tact, fellow feeling and understanding are expected, since the patient is more than a cluster of symptoms, functional disorders, signs, organ damage, and disorder of emotions. The ill person is a human being with fears, hopes and therefore seeks relief, help, and consolation.

The practice of medicine has changed significantly since the first edition of this work, 60 years ago. The advent of molecular genetics, biology, and pathophysiology, new and complex imaging techniques, as well as advances in bioinformatics and information technology, have led to a spectacular expansion of scientific information, which has changed dramatically. Fundamental, how doctors define, diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. This proliferation of scientific knowledge is incessant and accelerated.

The widespread use of electronic medical records and the Internet has changed the way physicians practice medicine, as well as the way they obtain and exchange information. It is very important that todays physician while seeking to integrate impressive volumes of scientific knowledge into his daily practice, not lose sight of the fact that the primary purpose of medicine lies in two factors: the first, to prevent disease and to treat the sick people; and the second, that despite more than 60 years of scientific advances since the first edition of this work, it is crucial to emphasize that, even today, the foundation of optimal clinical care consists in cultivating the close relationship between the doctor and the patient.

The Relevance of Clinical Sciences Research

Clinical research constitutes the last and essential link in the chain of biomedical research. All knowledge generated in basic experimentation (molecular, cellular, or animal) must eventually be transferred to and evaluated in the context of clinical research if it is intended to have an impact on daily medical practice.

For this reason, clinical research is of extraordinary relevance, and its demand for quality and methodological rigour must be, at least, equivalent to that required and used in experimental research. In the authors opinion, excessive distinctions should not be made between clinical research and basic research. The important distinction must be between good and bad research since the latter is not researched!

In addition to the intrinsic relevance of clinical research discussed in the previous section, it has a series of hidden implications (both healthcare and institutional) that, in the authors opinion, are also of great importance. Among the healthcare implications, I would like to highlight two in particular:

1. Improvement of Healthcare Practice: The clinical researcher has to develop a marked critical spirit, so he is used to basing his decisions (also those derived from his clinical practice) on the best available evidence. All this translates into an improvement in the quality of care provided.

2. Professional Encouragement: The overcrowding and bureaucratization of the current public health systems, together with the lack of professional careers and low salaries, facilitate the development of the burn-out syndrome among their professionals. Participation in clinical research projects, the presentation, and publication of their results in national and international forums and journals have a plus of personal recognition that contributes greatly to combat this syndrome. As a consequence, again, there is a positive rebound effect and an improvement in the professionals healthcare practice.

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clinical sciences assignment help

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