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COBOL stands for common business-oriented language. It is a rare programming language used by the programmers. With rare knowledge about the concept and not much to research on it is always advisable to get COBOL academic assistance through online tutoring from trustworthy sources.

COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

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COBOL Explained By COBOL Online Tutors

COBOL is one of the most critical programming languages. It stands for common business-oriented language. It is a high-level application that supports the business. It was made in the year 1959. Since then there have been various developments in the programming language.

  • For the business applications in finance, and human resources COBOL is quite popular.
  • It is a programming language that uses ordinary and simple English phrases to facilitate a better understanding to businessmen.
  • COBOL is one of the easy programming languages that is good for business people.
  • The various industries where COBOL is used are banking, insurance, airways, railways, etc.
  • The advantages of COBOL are that it is simple, portable, and manageable.
  • The disadvantages of COBOL are it has a rigid format, it is wordy, and cannot handle scientific applications.
  • It acknowledges alphabets and numerics.
  • The different types of criticism faced by COBOL are lack of structure, compatibility issues, isolation from the computer science community, verbose syntax, concerns about the design process, and influence on other languages.
COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring


Features of COBOL

  • It is a language that automates business.
  • It allows long names as well as word connectors.
  • The variables are precisely defined.
  • It is integrated with the world wide web
  • There are different class libraries.
  • It is capable of rapid applications.

Features Of COBOL Briefed By COBOL Online Tutors

Some of the important features of COBOL are mentioned below:

  1. Syntax- COBOL is not a very complicated program. The syntax of COBOL is English. English is used to describe everything in the program. For example, to express conditions, x greater than y or x greater y or xy is used. COBOL syntaxes support abbreviations and can be shorted. The elements in COBOL metalanguage are all capital, underlining, braces, brackets, ellipsis, and bars.
    1. Code format- There are two ways to write the codes in the COBOL program. One way is the default and fixed and the other is free. To fit in certain places, the codes are aligned.
    2. Identification division- Since 2002 classes and interfaces have been a part of COBOL. There are factory objects, such as class methods and variables in classes. Polymorphism is provided by interfaces. The single interface to different types of entities is known as polymorphism.
    3. Environment division- The input-output section and configuration section is the part of environment division in COBOL. The file related to pieces of information is available in the input-output section and to specify some variables configuration system is used. Sequential, indexed, and relative are three formats of the files that COBOL supports.
    4. Data division- The data types in COBOL are alphabetic, alphanumeric, index, Boolean, numeric, national, pointer, and object. The other data that can be used are picture clauses, report writers, and usage clause.
    5. Procedure division- the procedures of programming should be written without any error. The statements, data manipulations, scope termination, and control flow are a part of the procedure division in COBOL.

COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

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COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring


COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring


COBOL Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring


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