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Consumer behavior is the study of the consumer and the processes they undergo to choose whether to purchase or dispose of a certain item. It intends to research on the buying behavior of the ultimate consumer in relation to his purchasing power. The consumer purchasing process is a procedural process divided into several stages that is: realization of a problem, search for available information, analysis and evaluation of possible alternatives, making the decision to purchase a product, performing the actual purchase, evaluation of the post-purchase outcome.

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When it comes to purchasing a product,there are various risks involved; that is, personal risks, social risks, and economic risks. Keen evaluation of these risks by a consumer is the incentive that either inspires or discourages a consumer from purchasing a certain product. Consumer buying behaviour are divided into routinely programmed behavior, limited decision making, extensive decision-making impulse buying. The process affecting a consumer's decision to purchase a given product is affected by the following factors:

  • Personal factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Social factors

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