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Contemporary Social is a subject that covers multiple social issues. It will help break down thinking and cultural boundaries in general. This topic also examines the interrelationships between society and its various components. But, when you do Contemporary Social assignments, you learn to understand the intricacies of society, politics, finance, religion, etc. Hence, for a better understanding, students are encouraged to search for Contemporary Social Assignment Help. If you are facing any problem with your assignment then you can hire our network routing Contemporary Social assignment experts. Besides that, we can also provide you with the best and the most advantageous social marketing plan assignment help.

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Elements Of Contemporary Social Assignment

According to experts, the contemporary social dynamics are expressed in terms of a critical or apologetic analysis of the liberal and socialist system. In the face of this, common people often lack the elements of judgment to assess its implications and repercussions, both positive and negative. Social problems and dilemmas such as drug addiction, global warming, racism, death of immigrants trying to get a job outside their country, pragmatism in politics, the erosion of representative democracy, the crisis of ideology, unemployment, domestic violence, the quality of life, the distribution of wealth, property, social stratification, and so many others, seem to be disconnected signs of a decomposition that has no explanation.

contemporary social assignment help

Presentation- Contemporary social theory is a field that extends in multiple directions and includes the most dissimilar approaches. Although certain problems challenge the bulk of the theoretical frameworks that exist today, it is impossible to speak of a dominant paradigm such as functionalism, structuralism, or interpretivism at the time. This seminar seeks to offer a panoramic view of some of the contemporary social theories, especially those that offer inputs for critical thinking.

Methodology- During the semester, each student will be responsible for at least one presentation of the topics assigned for a class. These presentations are short, of between fifteen and twenty minutes, and will be based on a previous investigation of the student on the subject and the associated authors. These presentations will be followed by extensions and pertinent clarifications made by the professor. Finally, each of the sessions will close with a collective discussion of the doubts, questions, comments, and observations of the students.

During the semester, each student must write an essay. This essay consists of a systematic bibliographic review on a specific topic related to one of the authors or problems that will be addressed in the seminar. Towards the second session, the students would submit a project of their essay, which would consist of a page containing the title, a brief description of the problem, and a tentative bibliography. Each of these projects will be commented on by the teacher and returned to the students to carry out their work. Towards the sixth session, a draft of the essay will be delivered, which will receive comments again, to receive the final version in the last session.

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