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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social responsibility is that aspect of organizations that make them understand that they can't work in isolation with the society in which they operate. As such, they feel that they have a responsibility of spearheading sustainable projects geared towards empowering people financially, socially as well as protecting the environment. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility entails the worthwhile things that any corporation takes to make the life in their environment more sustainable.

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Corporate Social Responsibility means that corporations can empower the people through employing them in their company. It would be irresponsible for companies to outsource labor when they can employ people within the locality of where they are based. By empowering these people, the company builds its trust since it will be accepted by the people. It will be seen as one of the social and economic institutions in the society.

Protection of the environment by any organization is a sign of this organization's Corporate Social Responsibility. This is because the very aspect of environmental degradation threatens the very future of the organization. With the degradation of the environment, the resources that the organization uses could be depleted, leading to the closure of the organization. Therefore, organizations must protect the environment within which they operate to ensure their own survival.

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