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It is estimated that around a million people in Australia face mental health issues and are clinically depressed. About double the million have anxiety disorders. And ever since the pandemic, the numbers have only been rising! But so are the numbers of graduate students specializing in counselling and therapy. The COU101 is the counselling and psychotherapy course and the COU101A is the unit course entitled Interpersonal Communication is an essential course of the curriculum. But just as essential as the course is, so are the COU101A assessment answers that students are required to write.

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The Australian Psychological Society, along with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has reported a staggering number of people, especially the youth, are suffering from mental health problems because of a varied figure of reasons. A lot of them are students studying at colleges or universities. This has a lot to do with the excess weight of frequent submissions required of them. For this reason, we are here to provide you with some valuable information coming straight from our COU101A assignment help experts.

COU101A Assessment Answers

Interpersonal Communication in Counselling Context

Interpersonal communication, according to our experts who help with assignment solutions on COU101A, is two-way communication between two people, both verbal and nonverbal, and involves the sharing of knowledge, information, and feelings to establish close and trustworthy relationships. In health care sector, interpersonal communication takes places between the service providers or counsellors and the clients or patients. This is an essential factor for maximising access and willingness to quality health care. It fundamentally begins with an understanding of the critical role that good client service plays in healthcare settings.

COU101A assessment answers

Knowledge and Skills Required for Effective Interpersonal Communication

The proficient experts of our COU101A academic assistance service share some valuable skills and knowledge which are mostly common base for building and cultivating strong interpersonal communication skills in health care contexts. Check them out below:

  • Thorough knowledge of the subject area in depth.
  • Strong skills in verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Ability to be empathetic and not only inspiring but also encouraging others.
  • Skill to ask the right questions.
  • Keen listening skills.
  • Tolerance and patience.
  • Ability to use skills to effectively use resource materials.
  • Confidence and flexibility with attitude and communication.
  • Ability to use language such that the audience understands.
  • Ability to paraphrase information and summarize the concerns of individuals and the community.
  • Ability to observe and interpret the demeanour and behaviour of other people.
  • A deep understanding of ones own values and beliefs and the willingness to withhold judgement about other peoples values and beliefs.

Ethical Challenges Faced in a Professional Counselling Setting

  • While working with so many different approaches, it could be that the therapist may not develop a sufficient depth in even one.
  • The therapist and even the person seeking help could get befuddled and may even deteriorate their health further.
  • The person seeking help may require more assurance that the therapist choosing the modalities is not biased for the ease of therapy but benefitting them for real.

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While Writing Assignment Solution on COU101A, Keep in Mind These 4 Approaches

A systematic integration in counselling embraces four different approaches that fuse into a beautiful and highly effective amalgam if done right! The experts suggest you first understand the basic principles of these approaches before you start brainstorming with your assignment. These are:

  1. Theoretical Integration: Going through the existent diverse modalities and creating a simple one by wrenching out the essence from the already theorized ones.
  2. Assimilative Integration: This is to work with one modality but integrate others if needed during the therapy process.
  3. Technical Eclecticism: Using concentrated tried-and-tested points from a wide range of modalities.
  4. Common Approaches: This is to apply the existing clinical approaches already in use for treatment.

COU101A Assignment Sample Online

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COU101A assessment answers1

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COU101A Assessment Answers

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It is an essential factor for maximising access and willingness to quality health care.

Maintaining Boundaries, Professional Ability, Personal Problems, Maintaining Confidentiality, Respecting Client Differences, Getting the Authorities Involved, Maintain Their Role, Maintaining Therapy are some of the common grounds where ethical dilemmas are often formed in a counseling setting.

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