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On an average, it is roughly estimated that around a million people in Australia face mental health issues and are clinically depressed. And more than that, people have acute anxiety disorders. And ever since the pandemic, the numbers have only been rising! But so are the numbers of skilful and learned graduates specializing in psychology and psychotherapy. However, the road to success is never a bed of roses and also comes with many thorns instead. With loads of assignments given to students, studying for exams, and writing their theses, it becomes pretty challenging to achieve the desired academic success.

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COU202A assessment answers

Mental Health System of Australia

According to the Australian Psychological Society, along with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), it is reported that a large number of people today, especially the youth, are suffering from mental health problems because of a multitude of reasons. A lot of them are students studying at colleges or universities, or even school-going kids, as a matter of fact. This has a lot to do with the excess burden of a humongous syllabus and the frequent submissions required from them. For this reason, we are here to provide you with some valuable information coming straight from our experts who provide COU202A assignment samples online.

Role of Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Mental Health System

If we look closely, there are many new approaches coming up that are taken to work with people with mental health issues, and one of them is psychotherapy. An advanced version of psychotherapy, and a rather latest one, is the latest Integrative Psychotherapy.

Integrative Psychotherapy is an advanced multidisciplinary way of psychotherapy that brings together various elements of specific therapies to restore psychological balance. Integrative therapists abide by the notion that there is not any single fool-proof approach that could treat each patient in all the given circumstances. Instead, each person needs to be considered as a whole with multiple dimensions associated with their being and functioning in this world. Accordingly, counselling techniques must be tailored to their individual needs and personal circumstances. This is what integrates all possible techniques into an amalgamation of the perfect therapy that works best for the person/patient.

COU202A Assessment Answers

Advantages of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Some of the major advantages of advanced counselling and psychotherapy are given below by our experts who provide assignment solutions on COU202A. Check them out:

  • It provides a chance to therapists to explore and create a modality that works the best for their clients, addressing all their needs and challenges faced by them.
  • Extremely useful for clients who seek a fusion of modality approaches involving relational or behavioural aspects.
  • It helps in creating a dynamic yet flexible model to perfectly fit the specific and unique demands of the clients requirements.
  • Incorporating different modalities provides the therapist's scope and space to continue developing their practice as their career advances through constant interpersonal learning and career development.
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria University
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Federation University
  • University of South Australia
  • TAFE South Australia
  • Box Hill Institute
  • University of Western Australia
  • Griffith University
  • University of Queensland

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COU202A assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Unit?

The learning outcomes, as mentioned by our COU202A academic assistance experts are as follows:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts, theories, empirical literature, and historical evolution of mental health and the role of counselling and therapy.
  • Showcase the ability to explain and critically evaluate case studies pertaining to psychotherapy and counselling.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the research design principles and statistical approaches and also applying them within the context of ethical and pragmatic psychological therapies
  • Critically evaluate and deliberate on various interactions between individuals and their environment, which directly facilitates or impacts their behaviour. This includes neurobiological processes and the contemporary rebuttals around the socio-legal contexts of mental illnesses and their respective treatments
  • Comprehending the role and responsibilities of a clinical psychologist within the healthcare system and how psychology is applied in real-life clinical settings

COU202A Assignment Sample Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

A combined approach of counselling and advanced psychotherapy by far shows the most effective results in working with people with mental health issues.

Childhood trauma, neglect, social isolation, experiencing discrimination and stigma, bereavement, and severe or long-term stress are some of the most common reasons for developing mental health issues.

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