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Of many courses taught in Australian universities, one is csc00240 data communication and network. It is the code taught in Southern Cross University. This subject deals with network designs, communication, and network technologies. The students are well-acknowledged with hardware and software technology. After studying this subject, students can understand the business requirements and network needs. The basic concepts in csc00240 are physical and data link layers, Ip address planning, network routing, network planning and design, etc. Data communication is getting popular these days. With its increasing demand, the assignments on csc00240 data communication are also increasing.

csc00240 data communication and network assignment help

Are you struggling with your data communication assignment? Do you find it difficult to complete the assignment and submit it within the deadline? Do the concepts of data communication haunt you? To get rid of these problems, it is advisable to students from Southern Cross University to seek Csc00240 data communication and network assignment help from csc00240 data communications assignment experts.

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Before you get help with csc00240 data communications assignments it is important to know the subject in detail.

What Is Data Communication? Know With CSC00240 Data Communications Assignment Writer

When the source and receiver exchange the data through a transmitting medium such as a wire cable, fibre optic, etc. is known as data communication. It is also known as digital communication or data transmission. The other source of transmission media includes optical fibres, wireless communication channels etc. When the communication is in a restricted geographical area it is known as local data communication.

The Various Components Of Data Communication Model - Know With The Best CSC00240 Data Communications Assignment Writing Service

Few components support the data communication model. These components are:

Message- the data or the information that is to be communicated is known as a message. A message can be in a form of text, numbers, video, image, or any sound.

Sender- Sender generates the message or information and sends it. It can be any device or a computer.

Receiver- Receiver is also a device or a computer used to receive the message. The type of network used to transmit the message determines the distance between the sender and the receiver.

Medium- The transmitting media through which the messages are exchanged is known as a medium. Examples of a medium are wireless communication, fibre-optic cable, etc.

Protocol-to communicate the sender and the receiver uses a set of rules. This set of rules is known as a protocol.

csc00240 data communication

The Functions Of A Protocol:

Data sequencing- The long messages are broken into smaller fixed packets. There is a method to number the packets to avoid any kind of duplication or confusion.

Data routing- The most efficient path for transmitting the data between the sending and receiving devices is defined by data routing.

Data formatting- Which packet has the data, control, addressing or other information is defined by data formatting.

Flow control- It controls the flow for sharing resources and protects it against any traffic congestion. It facilitates transmission between fast sender and a slow receiver.

Error control- Error control eliminates and the errors in the message and makes sure that the message transmitted is correct. Retransmitting the erroneous message block is the most common method for controlling error.

Rank and order of transmission- Based on the priorities, nodes are assigned communication networks. This rule allows the nodes to use the communication lines and other resources.

csc00240 data communication and network assignment help csc00240 data communication and network assignment help

Connection establishment and termination- When the communication takes place between two nodes of the network, connection establishment and termination define the establishment, maintenance, and termination of the nodes.

Data security- Accessing the data by unauthorized users is prevented by data security.

Log information- Log information is designed to register the data communication that has taken place.

There are four fundamental characteristics of data communication for effective transfer of data.

  • Accuracy of data
  • Correct place of data delivery
  • Punctuality in the transmission of a message
  • Jitter

What Are The Different Types Of Data Communication? Know With CSC00240 Data Communications Assignment Help Service

  • Simplex- When the message is sent only in one direction it is known as a simplex communication system. It uses the data channel to send the message to its destination. Some examples of a simplex communication system are radio stations and TVs. The receiver can't respond to the message.
  • Half-duplex- When the message can be sent in both directions but the transfer is one direction at a time is allowed, it is known as half-duplex. Before responding to the message, the receiver has to wait until the sender's signal stops. The transmission of two data at the same time fails the transmission of data. Simultaneous communication of data from both the ways is nor possible.
  • Full-duplex- Simultaneous communication between the receiver and the sender is known as full-duplex. It is a set of two simplex channels. An example of a full-duplex is a landline phone.
  • Serial- When the message is broken and sent in bits it is known as serial communication. To compose the real message the receiver collects the bits of the message and joins them. Between electronic devices, serial communication is most common.

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data communication and network assignment

data communication

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