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Concept Of Data Flow Diagram

Our experts in the Data Flow Diagram Assignment writing service explain that it is a very appropriate technique to clearly and accurately reflect the processes that make up the information system. It allows us to graphically represent the limits of the system and the logic of processes, establishing what functions must be developed. Also, it shows the flow or movement of data through the system and its transformations as a result of the execution of the processes.

This technique consists of the successive decomposition of the processes, from a general level to the level of detail necessary to reflect all the semantics that the system under study must support.

The data flow diagram is made up of the following elements:

External Entity: It represents an entity outside the system that provides or receives information from it. It can refer to departments, people, machines, resources, or other systems. The study of relationships between external entities is not part of the model.

It can appear multiple times in the same diagram, as well as at different levels of the DFD to improve the clarity of the diagram.

Process: Represents functionality that the system has to carry out to transform or manipulate data. The process must be able to generate the output data flows from the input data, plus constant or variable information to the process.

The process is never the origin or the end of the data, it can transform an incoming data flow into several outgoing data, and it is always necessary as an intermediary between an external entity and a data warehouse.

Data warehouse: Represents the information at rest used by the system independently of the data management system (for example, a file, database, filing cabinet, etc.). It contains the information necessary for the execution of the process.

The warehouse cannot create, transform or destroy data, it cannot be in communication with another warehouse or external entity, and it will appear for the first time at that level where two or more processes access it.

Data flow: Represents the movement of data and establishes communication between processes and data warehouses or external entities.

Data flow between two processes is only possible when the information is synchronous, that is, the target process begins when the sourcing process ends its function. The data flows that communicate processes with warehouses can be of the following types:

  • Query: They represent the use of the values of one or more fields in a warehouse or the verification that the values of the selected fields meet certain criteria.
  • Update: they represent the alteration of the data of a warehouse as a consequence of the creation of a new element, by elimination or modification of existing ones.
  • Dialog: It is a flow between a process and a warehouse that represents a query and an update.

Some systems require information oriented to data control and require control flows and processes, as well as the mechanisms that trigger their execution. For the analysis of these systems to be adequate, the notation of the data flow diagrams has been expanded by incorporating the following elements:

data flow diagram assignment help data flow diagram assignment help

The control process represents processes that coordinate and synchronize the activities of other processes in the data flow diagram.

Control flow: Represents the flow between a control process and another process. The control flow that leaves a control process activates the process that receives it, and the one that informs it of the status of a process. Unlike traditional flows, which can be considered as data processors because they reflect the movement and transformation of data, control flows do not represent data with values, but rather, in a certain way, they are events that activate processes (signals or interruptions).

Examples Of How Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) Can Be Used

According to our experts, providing help with Data Flow Diagram Assignment, Data flow diagrams are suitable for analyzing and modelling different types of systems in various fields.

DFDs in Software Engineering- This is where the major data flow diagrams of the 1970s began. It can offer a focused approach to methodical development as more erstwhile research is being done on the way to coding.

DFDs in business process reengineering- DFDs can be used to model a better and more efficient flow of data through a business process. Business process reengineering was pioneered in the 1990s to help organizations reduce operating costs, improve customer service, and better compete in the marketplace.

DFD in business analysis- DFD is used by business analysts to evaluate existing systems and find out inefficiencies. The process planner may discover steps that may go unnoticed or not fully understood.

Agile Development with DFDs- DFDs can be used to visualize and understand business and technology requirements and plan next steps. It can be a simple but powerful communication and collaboration tool to focus on rapid development.

DFD in system structures- Any system or process can be analyzed in detail step by step to improve it in technical and non-technical aspects.

To illustrate the working of DFDs in the system we are attaching the Data Flow Diagram Assignment sample online, composed by our experts of data analysis assignment help. It will show you how to create a Context Diagram for the system.

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data flow diagram assignment

data flow diagram assignment online

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