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DBA Thesis Studies In Practice

The methodology of doctoral studies in various platforms and associated universities is based on the traditional freedom of organization of the doctoral student-thesis director to face the adventure of expanding human knowledge. The specific training needed during the doctorate will be directed and guided by the thesis director. Candidates constantly interact with experts to discuss results, seek guidance, write research papers, etc. Through this permanent dialogue, the candidate is trained by assimilating a scientific research method.

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The students of programs in the agreement must be admitted to our doctoral program based on their merits and research interests before first enrollment, which is considered design and homologation fees. Once admitted, you will be assigned a Doctoral Thesis director with whom you will work on your research topic.

Goals Of Dba Thesis

The DBA is designed to generate a significant and sustainable professional competitive advantage in the business world. Through the development of research skills, the aim is to achieve an expert in the management of new situations and problems, typical of the work of Senior Management in local, regional, and global organizations. As a deepening of an MBA's training, the DBA from its place of highest academic degree, capitalizes on experience and knowledge, directing them to a solid leadership in action.

To train business leaders committed to the economic development and well-being of their societies, through an effective and ethical exercise of management, which is based on sound knowledge and personal integrity.

Doctorate In Business Administration (DBA) In A Field Of Finance

The DBA (Finance) program is designed to develop professionals, researchers, and academics in the discipline of finance with an interest in developing competencies related to financial practice and consulting. Consider economic and financial events with an ethical sense. Experts frame their conduct in the knowledge of the theories and professional practices in the discipline of finance, maintaining a proactive, objective, and sensitive attitude.

The DBA (Finance) Program is based on the following statement: Higher education, with an emphasis on research, which links modern theories in finance with current practices, trains graduates to carry out work with excellence and leadership, which guarantees your best performance within society.

Roles of (DBA) Doctorate Of Business Administration

Doctorate Of Business administration is a master's degree in the branch of the social sciences whose main objective is to take resources deliberately to achieve the short, medium, and long term objectives of a business.

The Basic Roles Of Doctorate Of Business Administration Are:

#1. Planning is the planning of the objectives, programs, policies, procedures, and forms of action within a company.

#2. Organization: the functions, authorities, and responsibilities among the people of the company are established. The creation of an organization manual serves to put in writing what each person in the company must do.

#3. Direction: it is determined how the decisions or orders are given where it must always be taken into account that they are reasonable, complete, and clear.

#4. Coordination: generate harmony between officials and operations.

#5. Control: comparison standards must be established to measure the results. The control tools in a company can be accounting, statistics, budget control, auditing, and quality control, among others.

#6. Evaluation: the results obtained are verified and corrections are proposed in the procedures or executions.

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Prepares You For The Future

Functions in management require knowledge about the importance of human and labor factors in organizations, including the structure, design, and culture of companies, management theories, policies, and practices corporate and thematically linked to labor relations at national and international levels.

Study of DBA- Doctorate Of Business Administration, is a strategic discipline for those seeking management positions, exercise functions, and leadership roles.

The areas of study that comprise the basic curriculum in general in Administration, integrate the combination of courses on general management and strategy, international and intercultural management, human resources and labor relations or organizational studies.

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