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Economics is a subject the studies the economy. There is a branch of economics known as microeconomics that studies the behaviour of individuals and firms. Demand and supply are the two main components of microeconomics. Assignments on demand and supply are very common and important for the students studying economics. Various services provide demand supply assignment help for the students who face difficulties in completing the assignments.

demand supply assignment help

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Before writing the assignment, it is important to understand the basics of demand and supply topics.

What is Demand? Know with Demand Supply Assignment Expert

Demand refers to the number of goods or services that the people are willing to buy at a particular time. It not only sees the willingness but also the ability to buy.

In economics, demand plays an integral role. To bring the economy in equilibrium the demand and supply have to be the same.

A demand curve shows the relationship between the price and quantity.

Factors influencing demand

Various factors affect the demand for a good. The factors can be their price, substitutes, etc. Here are some factors that influence the demand the most.

  1. Price of own goods- The demand for a good depends on the price. The higher the price, the lesser people would prefer to buy it. The market equilibrium is achieved when the price demanded and supplied are the same.
  2. Price of related goods- This is another factor that affects demand. If the price of a related good is higher people would not want to buy the good.
  3. Availability of substitute- In the cases, where the cheap substitutes are available, people would want to buy what's cheaper.
  4. Preferences- Preferences play a major role in deciding the demand. Different people have different preferences. Sometimes, even the price may not matter for the person who prefers to have something regularly.
  5. Personal disposable income- The money that the person earns that can be used after saving is known as personal disposable income. It affects the demand for goods a lot.

What is Supply? Know with the Demand-Supply Assignment writers

Supply, in economics, refers to the number of goods and services that the suppliers are willing and able to offer.

The supply curve shows the relationship between price and supply. Supply chain management is also an important topic on which students get numerous assignments to complete in a short deadline. You can also ask us for supply chain management assignment help in case you are struggling with the subject.

demand-supply assignment help demand-supply assignment help

Factors influencing supply

  1. Price of own goods- The supply is affected by the price of the goods. If the customers do not buy the goods at a particular price, there is be excess supply and low demand.
  2. Price of related goods- This is another important factor that affects the supply. People generally buy related goods together. In case the prices are very high for the related goods, they might not buy the goods.
  3. The number of suppliers- The more the number of suppliers, the higher the competition.
  4. Government- There various rules and regulations prescribed by the government. These policies affect supply in various ways. The policies which are not in favor of the suppliers may decrease the supply or the policies in favor of supply may increase the supply.
  5. Price of inputs- The price is fixed based on various factors such as production, price of inputs, etc. If the price of inputs is high, the price of the final product will be height. This may affect the supply.
demand-supply assignment help

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