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difference between essay and research paper

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Difference Between Essay & Research Paper

What Is The Difference Between A Research Paper And An Essay? Explained By Research Paper Writing Expert

There are some major differences between a research paper and an essay. A student should know the essay and research paper differences because otherwise, he cannot make a perfect assignment based on essays and research papers.

Some differences are given below:

Research Papers Essays

Research papers are lengthy with a length of at least 8 pages.

Requires b research and writing skills.

Helps build a deep-knowledge towards a topic.

It requires days or even weeks for completion.

In research papers, a writer analyses others' point of views on a topic and also mention his inputs whether in support or against their thinking, by doing thorough research.

Writing research papers require deep knowledge and understanding on a particular topic.

Essays are small, they only go up to a few paragraphs, maybe 5 or 6.

Requires neither b research nor writing skills.

It just provides an introduction to the topic without explaining it.

It might complete within a few hours.

Essays include a writer's point of view on a topic.

Does not require a deep understating or knowledge on a topic.

As you have noted the difference between a research paper and an essay, it will be easier for you to deal with the university assignments based on their writing.

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How Many Types Of Essays And Research Papers Are There? Explained By Online Essay and Research Paper Writing Experts

Students have to write different essays and research papers for different purposes. Let's know about their types here:


Academic essays are broadly categorised into five types:

  • Narrative Essay- An essay that narrates a particular theme or topic.
  • Descriptive Essay- Describes an experience, a person, place, or situation.
  • Persuasive Essay- An essay backed by facts and logic to strengthen the writer's point of view.
  • Compare And Contrast Essay- To compare two similar objects or things.
  • Expository Essay- Requires investigation and evaluation to present the writer's thought.

Research Papers

Essentially, the research paper is of two types.

  • Argumentative Research Paper- The writer shared his viewpoint and hopes the reader would adopt to the presented view.
  • Analytical Research Paper- Presents a critical analysis and does not persuade the readers to follow the presented viewpoint.

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  • Lack of writing skills.
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  • Inability to deal with the assignment writing pressure.
  • A tight deadline that doesn't allow thorough research.
  • Completion of other assignments for simultaneous submission.

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Difference Between Essay & Research Paper Difference Between Essay & Research Paper

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