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This AHCBUS504 unit describes the skills and information needed to generate estimates, quotes, and tenders. All jobs must be completed following organizational standards, work health and safety regulations and rules, and the management team's approval. Individuals who assume personal responsibility and exercise autonomy while performing the complicated job are eligible for this unit. To execute various advanced skilled duties, they must analyze data and make decisions. You've come to the right place if you need help with your AHCBUS504 assessment answers, as our experts will assist while drafting their assignment. If you have joined one of these courses but find it difficult to complete assignments, you can take our AHCBUS504 Prepare Estimate, Quotes and tenders assignment help service.

AHCBUS504 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the AHCBUS504 unit?

The learning outcomes are based on prepared estimates, quotes and tenders for clients. For example, an established professional must be able to prepare written estimates, quotes and tenders for a client upon request. To do so, you need first to understand what is involved in preparing estimates, quotes and tenders from start to finish. Here is the list of learning outcomes that every individual has to learn to complete this unit :

  • Client specifications include precise project information and budgetary needs, which must be interpreted and recorded.
  • Determine the size, kind, and number of project resources necessary and estimate them. Identify and assess sources for obtaining appropriate project resources.
  • Determine the size, type, and the number of resource objects.
  • Calculate and record resource item-unit and total costs. Please make a list of contingencies and keep a record of them. Calculations should be recorded on a pricing summary page.
  • Create a work schedule based on the client's requirements.
  • Document resource scheduling following the work schedule's needs. Financial obligations should be scheduled in writing.
  • Calculate and verify the price of an estimate, quotation, or tender. Compile costed summaries and works, as well as resource and financial plans.
  • Complete and submit the overall estimate, quote, or tender by the deadline.
  • Provide more information and make revisions as needed to meet the customer's needs.
  • Confirm the format, parameters, and submission deadline with the customer.
  • Interpret any applicable documentation that is accessible.
  • Examine the project site and compare it to scaled drawings, project plans, and other site maps.

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AHCBUS504 assessment answers

List of Qualifications that are included in the unit AHCBUS504:

This unit is included into many qualifications. Students can avail of our instant assignment help services to get rid of their concerns. The following are the unit of qualifications that include this AHCBUS504 unit:




Diploma in parks and garden management


Diploma in landscape project Management


Diploma in Irrigation management


Diploma in landscape design


Diploma of community coordination and facilitation


Diploma in conservation and land management


Diploma in Agribusiness management


Diploma of Arbioculture


Certificate IV in water industry treatment

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AHCBUS504 Assessment Answers

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An estimate is a quote of costs given to a business by one or more suppliers in a tender. A good way to remember what an estimate is in a tender is that it's essentially just like any other quote you might get from a supplier, except that it's for multiple quotes from multiple suppliers instead of just one.

There are three ways of creating estimates; you can either manually do it, have a software solution do it for you or ask someone to do it for you. I prefer using a software solution as it is quicker and more accurate than manual methods. The easiest way to create an estimate is by finding out how much other people are charging for similar projects.

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