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This unit, BSBPMG534, explains all relevant knowledge and abilities for managing project-related human resources. It entails human resource planning, implementation of staff training and development, and project team management.

This unit is effective for all the individuals who work as consultants or whose responsibilities are to lead and manage a project in an organisation.

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BSBPMG534 Assessment Answers

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What are the Learning Outcomes of studying this BSBPMG534 Unit?

As this unit relates to the project management field, it prepares the individuals with the necessary Human Resources skills to work effectively in the HR section of a corporate unit. To become proficient in this field, one must carry out the following performance criteria -

  1. Determine resource needs and align individual and group talents to each project activity.
  2. Assign workers to the project based on the expected work results and the project's timetable.
  3. Use Human resources management (HRM) approaches and tools to encourage employees and help them perform better.
  4. Properly communicate with the organisational personnel and define the project role clearly.
  5. Implement project team member training, assess individual performance against agreed-upon standards, and take corrective action if performance falls short.
  6. Employ effective strategies to boost individual performance and the overall project's efficiency.
  7. Monitor internal and external influences on individual and team performance and report remedial action.
  8. Identify and handle inter-and intra-project disputes and interpersonal communication, counselling, and conflict resolution techniques.

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What are the Qualifications that Include this BSBPMG534 Unit?

The unit comes with several other qualifications related to the project management sector other than just HR qualifications and prepares the individual to work efficiently in a professional setting. Here is the list of qualifications that are given below:

Unit Code

Unit Name


Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design


Diploma of Materiel Logistics


Diploma of Civil Construction Management


Diploma of Project Management


Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

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BSBPMG534 Assessment Answers

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Project management poses a lucrative career with plenty of opportunities for advancement, but it's also a difficult job that can be extremely stressful at times.

The five stages of project management are - Conception, planning, execution, performance monitoring and project close.

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