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It is said that human beings use only 10% of their brain in their entire lifetimes. But that is far from the truth. We have ample examples embedded in our history, even to this day, there are people And sages from India who display remarkable faculties of the brain – to an extent that it is almost impossible to believe what the human brain is capable of.

102207 the brain and learning assignment help

A human brain is a fantastic tool, which can be taught numerous skills and can also store information than we can logically perceive. Owing to this, the students’ interest in the relationship between the brain and how we learn is peaking day by day.

Many students these days are studying this course to learn more about this intelligently capable organ, of which, we only seem to have explored so little. However, the bulk load of syllabus and assignment tasks often gets to them and impedes their understanding as well as their assessments submission.

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102207 the brain and learning assessment answers

The Brain and Learning - Overview

A healthy brain of an average adult weighs about 3 pounds. Biochemically, It is said that the brain is about 60% fat and the rest 40 is comprised of water, carbohydrates, proteins, and salts.

The brain is essentially made of grey matter and white matter. The grey matter refers to the outer portion which is darker in color, hence the name. The white matter refers to the lighter, inner part underneath. However, it is interesting to note that in the spinal cord, it is the exact opposite, that is, the white matter is on the outside, and the grey matter is within.

The white matter is essentially made of the axonal part of the neurons which is surrounded by a protective layer known as myelin. This myelin is what gives The white appearance physiologically. This white matter is responsible for getting information from and to the other parts of the human nervous system.

The experts who provide 102207 The Brain And Learning assignment help also suggest that the most important area of the brain, when it comes to learning, is the hippocampus. It is a seahorse-shaped part under The temporal lobe. The main function of the hippocampus is to store and extract memory, learn, navigate and perceive physical space. It is also connected to the cerebral cortex and receives information from the cortex.

the brain and learning assignment help

Some Universities to Consider for Specialization in the Brain and Learning

The experts of our 102207 The Brain and Learning academic assistance service suggest that the best universities of Neuroscience must have a course structure that is competent enough to produce research-oriented professionals in this field. For the same, they have enlisted some best universities around the world which have the best neuroscience degree course. Check them out below:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, United States
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, United States
  • Columbia University, New York, United States
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States
  • University College London, London, United Kingdom
  • The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
  • Stanford University, Stanford, United States
  • Washington University in St. Louis, United States
  • University of California, Los Angeles, United States
  • Yale University, New Haven, United States

The universities mentioned above are renowned for their quality of teaching and research. They offer the best bachelor, master, and doctoral programs in neuroscience. Thus, they supply the foundation and advanced studies in this field. You can always approach our proficient academic tutors of 102207 The Brain and Learning assignment help online service to get your queries resolved and take online assignment assistance regarding neuroscience or any other subject, for that matter!

Which Books are the best to Study about the Brain and Learning?

In this age of abundance of information, it is difficult to navigate the infinite online resources and find the best books to study for your course. This is why here is a list of all the books that most university professors and even our 102207 The Brain and Learning assignment help online experts recommend. Check out the list of the top ten books you must study to ace this subject!

  • Neuroscience for Learning and Development: How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training
  • The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning
  • The Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom
  • Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
  • The Neuroscience of Learning and Development: Enhancing Creativity, Compassion, Critical Thinking, and Peace in Higher Education
  • Cognitive Development and Cognitive Neuroscience: The Learning Brain
  • Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind
  • Cognitive Learning and Memory in Children: Progress in Cognitive Development Research
  • Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind
  • Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes William Kaye Estes

What are some of the best Brain and Learning Journals to Refer to?

  • The Journal of Neuroscience
  • Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • Nature Reviews Neuroscience
  • Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences
  • Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews
  • Human Brain Mapping
  • Journal of Memory and Language
  • Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

This is a small list, prepared by our experts who provide 102207 The Brain and Learning academic assistance, of the go-to journals that you could refer to if you wish to research more to write effective and intelligent 102207 The Brain and Learning assessment answers. You could connect with us over a call or chat live to avail yourself of academic support for further information!

102207 The Brain and Learning Assignment Sample Online

Our online assignment help experts have assisted in composing many assignment solutions on 102207 The Brain And Learning, and here is a sample of one of the student’s assignments that they completed under the guidance of our subject matter experts. Check it out below. After registering with your email ID, you can download the draft solution file from our website.

102207 the brain and learning assessment answers sample assignment

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We at Sample Assignment are renowned for the world-class teaching and mentorship facilities that we offer to students of all graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. The additional perks that you will be eligible to avail if you opt for our academic assistance through online tutoring and mentoring to solve your 102207 The Brain and Learning assessment answers are as follows. Check them out:

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