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The unit CHCDIS007 outlines the necessary knowledge and skills to enable individuals with disabilities to deliver rights-based services in a person-centred manner. It should be done in conjunction with tailored programs for each person. This unit is applicab0le to workers with a variety of disabilities.

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CHCDIS007 Assessment Answers

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What are the learning outcomes of this CHCDIS007 unit?

This unit comes under the diploma in community culture field of study and trains the individual with respective knowledge and skills to facilitate the empowerment of people with disability. The individual must perform the following criteria to obtain desired results in the professional scenario.

  1. Developments in the social, political and legal frameworks in work should be noted.
  2. Analyse how society can influence a disabled person's level of impairment.
  3. Consider your values and attitudes toward disability, and consider developing your techniques to encourage empowerment while working in disability contexts.
  4. Consider your values and attitudes toward disability, and consider developing your techniques to encourage empowerment while working in a disability context.
  5. Identify human rights violations and respond and report them per the organisation's policies.
  6. Detect possible signs of abuse and neglect and report them under company policy.
  7. Working with a person-centred approach recognises the person with a disability as their expert.
  8. Enable person-centred action alternatives for pertinent concerns, and discuss them with the person, family, caregiver, and other relevant parties.
  9. Support the disabled person in conveying their personal goals and providing person-centred support in a way that empowers and encourages the disabled person to make decisions.
  10. Assist with steps to ensure that the people are satisfied with any choices made on their account and assistance programs and other disciplinary actions as required.

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CHCDIS007 assessment answers

What are the qualifications that include this CHCDIS007 unit?

This unit comes with several other qualifications relevant to the field that help the individual perform best in the industrial scenario.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Certificate IV in Community Culture


Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation


Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management


Certificate III in Education Support


Certificate IV in Fitness


Certificate IV in Community Culture


Certificate III in Active Volunteering


Certificate IV in Indigenous Environmental Health


Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance


Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

CHCDIS007 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

People with disabilities can be empowered through a guideline to influence community resources that inform, supports, and enables them to engage effectively in the services they receive by educating, assisting, and allowing them to impact local decision-making processes. They must be able to speak out for themselves and take control of their lives.

It is important to give people with learning difficulties the tools they need to live more independently and choose their paths in life.

Some ways are:

  • Before considering differences, look for commonality.
  • Disabled people should not be victimised.
  • Please don't make the mistake of assuming they view their impairment as a tragedy.
  • Make sure your eyes are at eye level by adjusting your posture.
  • When speaking with someone who has a disability, avoid avoiding eye contact.

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