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Observations are fundamental to excellent program planning. Observations support adults in figuring out the needs and strengths of every child. Early childhood mentors watch the children opt to know them properly and get an idea of their needs, skills, accomplishments, interests, and the best way of learning.

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This CHCECE038 unit provides the accomplishment necessary to recognize and collect details about children by observations and utilize different sources like make a schedule of planning and collaborative process to figure out the needs and strengths of the children. This CHCECE038 unit benefits mentors who make planning about children learning, strength, and needs according to the children's education and care departments in Australia. Work is complete under the guidance of state or territory rules and legislation and the Commonwealth. No licensing is required at the moment of announcement.

CHCECE038 assessment answers

What are the Topics that are Covered in CHCECE038 Observe Children to Inform Practice?

Several topics are covered in the CHCECE038 Observe Children to Inform Practice unit. You will be able to enhance your skills and knowledge to observe the needs of the children. You can get support from our assignment solution on CHCECE038 by our highly professional expert if you face any issues in the topics below or the unit. Here is the list of some topics, such as:

  • Interactions with children
  • Participant Observations
  • Case studies
  • Time samples
  • Work samples
  • Sociogram

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What is the Main Purpose of the Observation?

Observation helps in children's development. Given below are the various purpose of the observation, such as:

  • Behaviour: The educator knows the behaviour of every child after observing.
  • To identify the special or extra need: Observation help educators to know about the child's need for special or extra attention to understanding things.
  • Understanding: Observation help educators understand the child better.
  • Communication: Observation help educators to know what style of communication is essential for children.

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CHCECE038 Assessment Answers

List of Universities Offering Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Here is a list of universities, colleges, and institutes in Australia that offer courses related to early childhood education and care as follows:

  • Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Institute of Tertiary and Higher Education Australia
  • Institute of Health and Nursing Australia
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria University
  • TAFE Queensland

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CHCECE038 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous objectives of observation, such as:

  • It mentors our decision.
  • Advice the routine.
  • Help to create a plan of action for the child's individual needs.

There are numerous benefits of observations, such as:

  • Observations are the easiest and most common method for data collection.
  • It is useful for framing hypotheses.
  • Observation data is more reliable as an observer can directly analyze it by observing.
  • Observation is the universal technique used in experiments.
  • Observation is the only technique in some of the scenarios for data collection, like in the case of infants and animals who can't speak.
  • Observations are not dependent on the willingness of one's report.

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