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This unit deals with the Community Services and Health Training in Australia. There are various skills and advanced knowledge that is required to gather and assess information about Community Services and Health. The students are trained to develop and improve their skills and knowledge about this field. These skills are essential for people working for higher managerial roles too. Moreover, these skills are applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice. Due to the paucity of time, many students are not able to complete the course. Thus they require help and our experts guide them so that they can write correct CHCLEG003 assessment answers and get good marks.

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The main Learning Outcomes of pursuing a Diploma/Certificate Course in the Community Services are as follows:

Many healthcare organisations understand the importance of community services. Students who are pursuing this course are required to submit various assignments and complete assessments related to CHCLEG003. This course is vital for students who are dedicated to providing better health care services as they are in direct contact with the patients.

  • To investigate and interpret data related to different areas of work.
  • To clearly document details, which would help students represent information in an understandable format.
  • To consistently assess work practises for any non-compliance and implement changes thereof.
  • Identify community services and health requirements issues
  • Assess information and provide solutions after researching the data.

Health and community services employ a large number of people every year. This industry is the second-largest employing industry. It provides various medical, residential and social assistance services to support. The Health and well-being of all the people in the community is its top priority.

Healthcare is the most regulated industry in Australia. Students who want to pursue a career in healthcare realise that community services are educational requirements and critical components of all healthcare verticals.

chcleg003 assessment answers

Other Units of Study

Apart from CHCLEG003, there are other units that hold equal importance to the students. You can connect with our subject-matter experts to compose CHCLEG003 assessment answers and submit them within the allotted deadline.

Unit Code

Other Essential Units of Study


Develop And Implement Service Program


Facilitate Workplace Debriefing And Support Processes


Reflect On And Improve Own Professional Practice


Manage Work Health And Safety


Facilitate The Counselling Relationship And Process


Develop, Facilitate And Review All Aspects Of Case Management


Plan And Conduct Group Activities


Develop Workplace Communication Strategies


Promote Community Awareness Of Domestic And Family Violence


Analyse Impacts Of Sociological Factors On Clients In Communities

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Few Universities and colleges offer multiple diplomas and short-term courses in Community Services!

  1. The University of Sydney
  2. The Victoria University
  3. The Stott’s College
  4. RMIT University
  5. The Swinburne University
  6. The Chisholm TAFE
  7. The Canberra Institute of Technology
  8. Kirana Colleges
  9. The North Metro TAFE
  10. The Melbourne Polytechnic

Hence, these are some of the best universities and colleges that offer diploma/certificate courses in Community Services and other specialised areas such as Nursing, Management, and so on.

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chcleg003 assessment answers

Benefits of pursuing a short term in Counseling:

  • Short term courses add to the main qualifications and experience. For example, after the short-term nursing course, the students can find many early jobs. After the experience, he becomes eligible for the higher post.
  • Short-term courses help to improve our skills and knowledge. In nursing with short-term courses, you learn something new and gain experience related to the study.
  • Handling patients requires skills and expertise. Short-term courses help you prepare for future career options. For example, short-term courses act as stepping stones towards success.
  • These Diploma/Certificate courses are much easier to pursue. Also, the fees structure of these courses is less and highly affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous universities from which you can study community services:

  • The Victoria University
  • RMIT University
  • The Swinburne University
  • The Chisholm TAFE
  • The Stott’s College

  • Social Care and Assistance services include:
  • Counsellor
  • Education Aide
  • Welfare Support Worker and Manager
  • Disabled and Aged Care
  • Child Care Worker and Manager

Yes, our subject matter experts can guide and assist in online quizzes and online tests to help you get top-quality grades.

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