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This unit CHCMHS005 outlines the abilities and knowledge needed to assess the capacity to help individuals with pre-existing mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders, as well as to collaborate to give support and enable access to other services. Sample Assignment strives to provide students across Australia with CHCMHS005 Provide services to people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drug issues assignment help. We provide professionally curated assignments to students enrolled in different universities in Advanced Diploma of Nursing courses. Students can reach out to us for CHCMHS005 academic assistance, and we will write the best CHCMHS005 assessment answers for you to ensure that you score the best grades and marks. In various community services work contexts, this unit pertains to working with persons who have co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) evaluations.

CHCMHS005 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes after Successful Completion of the CHCMHS005 Study?

The unit scope enables students to assess their ability to assist a person with a pre-existing mental health issue or AOD issues. The learning outcomes of this unit are crucial as they have a direct impact on one's ability to be able to help people with mental health issues. A few learning outcomes that a student is subjected to after completing this unit are listed below:

  • Recognising and responding to signals that indicate if someone has pre-existing mental health or AOD issues.
  • Assessing the effect and nature of the pre-existing health issues on the concerned person, including their socio-economic and legal status.
  • Working together with the concerned person to assess their willingness, motivation, goals and priorities for recovery concerning their mental health and drug issues,
  • Consulting special services, if needed, to find and document additional information about the specific and relevant mental health issues or AOD substances and their consumption or probable impacts on people suffering from mental health issues.
  • Forming a fruitful working relationship with the concerned person to discuss their existing support and their ideas and expectations about seeking services.
  • Gathering and reviewing information on existing service options and approaches with the concerned person.
  • Supporting and guiding the person in making informed decisions about what approach to choose, including services and resources.
  • Working in collaboration with the concerned person to facilitate the implementation of appropriate strategies and services per their comfort and choices.
  • Identifying issues that are beyond the scope of the service being practised at a given point in time.
  • Assisting the person and enabling supportive decision-making to make informed choices about recovery options.
  • Working with the person to research referral options and make referrals after obtaining their consent.
  • Working proactively with the concerned individual to recognize potential risks to their own safety and the people around them.
  • Preventing risks by identifying triggers and exploring contingency options, using de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution based on evidence.
  • Developing and maintaining a record of services provided, follow-up actions and collaborative decisions taken with the person.
  • Seeking and following advice from workplace supervisors based on identified lacunas during the services provided.
CHCMHS005 assessment answers

Short-term certificate and diploma courses that include the CHCMHS005 unit

Many courses offer their enrolled students study the CHCMHS005 unit of study. Since this unit is an important part of study related to mental health, many courses allow students to study this unit. The list of a few courses that offer this unit is given below.

Title Code

Qualification/Course Name


Certificate IV in Housing


Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care


Diploma of Community Services


Diploma of Mental Health


Diploma of Leisure and Health


Advanced Diploma of Nursing


Certificate IV in Mental Health

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Benefits of pursuing a diploma or short-term courses in Australia

There may be some personal reasons why students pick Australia for further studies. Still, a few benefits will undoubtedly attract students' attention when they decide to study overseas. Despite being the world's smallest continent, Australia's education, healthcare, and tourism facilities are world-renowned. The following are some of the reasons why people choose to study Diploma and Certificate courses in Australia:

  1. These courses take a short time to complete and can be completed in 6-12 months. These courses may be extended to 18 months or longer in extraordinary situations.
  2. Aside from healthcare and educational facilities, the tourist industry is a key element attracting students to study in Australia.
  3. The course material is developed with the duration of these courses in mind, and students have a reduced study load while obtaining a diploma or certificate.
  4. Because the course duration and curriculum are limited, the fee structure is also designed accordingly. The rates for these courses are reasonably affordable to persons in the middle-income bracket.
  5. There are several job opportunities available for students during and after the course of their qualification. This enables them to fund their lifestyle as they please and gives them a sense of independence.
CHCMHS005 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

AOD issues refer to alcohol and other drug issues and are a major concern in the public health sector.

Mental illnesses, often known as mental health issues, include various disorders that impact your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. Depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia are examples of mental illnesses.

Yes, we have experts for various levels. The experts are mainly divided into three levels- master’s level, Ph.D. level, and student level.

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