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Professional communication practices are a desirable trait in all personnel. However, its seldom taught in any academic training program. Australian Diploma of Information and Communications Technology cover this gap by including the COIT11239 unit in its curriculum.

The professional workspace brings together people of all kinds who might otherwise not synchronize with each other. Since all these team members have to work under pressure, it becomes instrumental in setting a standard protocol for all exchanges occurring in a workplace.

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What Topics are Being Covered in COIT11239 Professional Communications Skills for ICT?

In terms of curriculum, the modules of the COIT11239 unit cover a vast ground where both personal and interpersonal communication concepts are elaborated. The unit teaches the students about the relevance of professional communication in an IT setup and the strategies used. Making the learners sensitive about corporate diversity is also included in the end goals of the unit.

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Codas of Academic Referencing
  • Practices for Oral Communication
  • Formal Writing
  • Professional Behavioral Practices

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COIT11239 Assessment Answers

What are the Professional Communication Skills that Enhance Your Career?

A formal and empathetic outlook is vital to ensure that you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, positively contributing to the company culture.

  • Persuasive Body Language: The ability to represent your ideas convincingly can allow you to win over many clients and bosses.
  • Give Take Feedback: Be open to appreciating people and resolving any conflicting views that may arise. All kinds of feedback are important.
  • Confident Gaiety: When you display confidence in yourself and your ideas, you attract similar respect from others.
  • Public Speaking Finesse: You may often have to address a broad and diverse audience. Bring your best foot forward.

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COIT11239 assessment answers

List Of Universities That Offer Information And Communications Technology Courses:

Professional communication skills are important in every profile, especially in the IT sector, where coordination amongst teams becomes the key to performance efficiency. Thus, every other Australian ICT program mandatorily includes the COIT11239 unit. You may choose from any of the following courses based on the specialization you wish to achieve:

  • Western Sydney University: Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (Extended)
  • University of the Sunshine Coast: Graduate Certificate in Information and Communications Technology
  • Kent Institute: Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
  • National Training College of Australia: Certificate III in Information Technology
  • International Institute of Business Information Technology: Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Administration and System Analysis)

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COIT11239 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The verbal, textual, or non-verbal exchange that occurs in a proper setup, e.g., the workplace, is called professional communication. It is expected to be precise, accurate, and neutral in tone.

Professional communication helps to bring every employee and department on the same page about company policies, growth strategies, etc. Healthy interactions also improve the overall productivity of an employee.

The provided tracking link can indicate how your request is processed; however, it does not show the exact status of your task. You can contact the student support team to know the latter.

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