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The CPCCBS6113 unit also covers preparing a certificate of compliance. If you're getting lost while looking through your learning material, check out these example questions to see what a typical CPCCBS6113 assessment answer looks like. This qualification specifies the skills and knowledge required to conduct initial construction inspections to verify compliance in buildings classified in 2-9, the National Construction Code. This involves the construction site preparations, foundations, footings, structural provisions, and wet areas. You are required to determine compliance of buildings up to three stories, with a 2,000 square meters floor area. If you want to learn about doing required inspections of buildings in the early stages of construction, this course is great. To get this certificate, you need to complete and process your compliance certification before starting the next stage of construction. You can avail our CPCCBS6113 assignment help for easy drafting of assessment answers.

CPCCBS6113 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of studying the CPCCBS6113 Unit?

Here are the skills and knowledge required for this unit. These are the things the student should be able to do by the end of this unit. Here are three important things to consider before beginning to study: the study timeline, the study goals, and the level of proficiency in the subject matter. After completing this unit, every individual has to learn the following outcomes:

  • Choosing the proper site classification and design wind speed for a building depends on your building classification, design, and climate zone.
  • I confirmed compliance with any alterations that deviated from satisfactory stipulations by referencing authorized drawing and specifying documents.
  • Translate various design parameters and code requirements for site preparation, foundations and footings, and structural aspects.
  • Learn about extreme weather conditions in the area and what precautions need to be taken in case of natural disasters.
  • Analyze wall and substrate construction materials and construction methods for compliance with water regulations for wet areas and waterproofing.
  • Assess how the walls and substrate of a building were built and interpret the construction's compliance with wet area requirements and waterproofing guidelines.
  • If a non-compliant feature of a building is noted, then that building feature needs to be discussed with the person in charge. These issues will then be worked out according to workplace needs.
  • Keep in mind building requirements and follow all approved drawings, including those related to the construction of foundations and the frame, design for a specific building site, and wet zones.

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CPCCBS6113 assessment answers

List of Other Prominent Units of Study along with CPCCBS6113:

To create a successful building surveying, it is necessary to know a wide range of topics, so a degree in Building Surveying is taught on many subjects: Given below is the list of some important units apart from this unit:

Unit code

Course Name


Research and Evaluate Construction Methods and Materials for Class 2 and 9 Buildings to Three Storeys


Research and Evaluate Construction Methods and Materials for Class 1 and 10 Buildings to Three Store


Identify and Apply Legal and Ethical Requirements to Building Surveying Functions


Prepare Planning and Development Applications for Buildings to Three Storeys


Assess and Advise on Compliance of Design Documentation for Classes 2 and 9 Buildings to Three Storeys


Process Building Applications for Class 1 and 10 Buildings to Three Storeys


Conduct and Report on Building Surveying Audits of Class 1 and 10 Buildings to Three Storeys


Process Building Applications for Class 2 to 9 Buildings to Three Storeys


Monitor and Advise on Construction and Compliance Upgrade Work on Buildings to Three Storeys


Assess and Advise on Performance Solutions for Class 1 and 10 Buildings to Three Storeys


Conduct and Report on Building Surveying Audits of Class 2 to 9 Buildings to Three Storeys

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List of Colleges and Universities that provides Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying:

As a result, we'll provide support, so students are encouraged to take courses they are interested in, starting with elementary school and going to the university. The following colleges and universities offer advanced diplomas in building surveying:

University Name

Course Name

Victoria University

Graduate diploma in building surveying

Bond university

Graduate diploma in building surveying

RIMT University

Diploma in building and construction

Queensland university

Graduate diploma in building surveying

Deakin university

Graduate diploma in building surveying

UNSW Sydney

Graduate diploma in building surveying

CPCCBS6113 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building surveying is a broad subject that encompasses many different things in its field. These include architectural surveying, such as dealing with blueprint reading and other related tasks. It also includes construction surveying, which involves land-measuring techniques and mapping of building projects.

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