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This unit of accomplishment promotes the development of oxy-acetylene welding abilities used in plumbing but does not contribute to the advancement of specialized welding capabilities used for other vocations. The work application location of the site can be either home or commercial, and it can be a new work site or an existing facility that is being refurbished, expanded, repaired or preserved. Your success is our goal, which is why we offer world-class CPCPCM2052A weld using oxy-acetylene equipment assignment help services at an affordable price. We also provide help with CPCPCM2052A assessment answers to students to score well in your exam. This unit introduces you to basic principles, methods, and techniques used in modern engineering drawing production. It builds on your knowledge of 2D CAD drawing techniques learned in previous units, adding further 2D capabilities such as sectional views and annotations:

CPCPCM2052A Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the CPCPCM2052A unit?

Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to: Use oxy-acetylene equipment safely. Weld by hand and in position. Use common welding terms correctly. Prepare, fit, maintain, operate, regulate and dispose of oxy-acetylene equipment. Perform oxy-acetylene welding on mild steel and stainless steel using filler rods and flux-cored wires for flat, horizontal, vertical uprights, and overhead applications. This unit covers oxy-acetylene welding processes and covers manual processes. So listed below are some of the learning outcomes:

  • The job leader provides plans and requirements.
  • Health and safety at work (WHS) and environmental standards for oxy-acetylene welding jobs are followed.
  • Quality control requirements are identified and followed under workplace specifications.
  • Activities are planned and organized with the help of individuals involved in or affected by the task.
  • Personal protection apparatus for oxy-acetylene welding is chosen and tested for functionality. The workspace has been intended to accept effective heating using oxy-acetylene machinery.
  • When planning and carrying out work processes, aspects of the environment and ideas are respected. Welding needs are determined using plans and specifications or released details. Welding materials are identified and selected by working rules.
  • Material is cleaned and prepared per working norms, using suitable equipment and techniques.
  • Welding tips, settings, and consumables are chosen by organizational requirements to suit task requirements and welding procedures. Components are joined to task specifications using safe welding techniques.
  • Adequate action is being taken to report or correct flaws in materials or welding equipment, including setting and welding method, changes. Welds are polished under occupational specifications.
  • The work area is removed, and items are disposed of, reused, or recycled following applicable laws, regulations, standards of practice, and task specifications.
  • Manufacturers' instructions and workplace rules include cleaning, checking, maintaining, and storing tools and equipment.

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CPCPCM2052A assessment answers

List of Qualifications that are include the CPCPCM2052A:

Since students need the opportunity to pick classes, they're interested in, and we will give them the assistance they need so that they can follow through on that desire throughout their time in college. The following are the qualifications that are included in the unit CPCPCM2052A:




Certificate II in drainage


Certificate III in gas fitting


Certificate III in plumbing


Certificate III in Roof plumbing


Certificate III in fire protection


Certificate II in metal roofing and cladding

CPCPCM2052A Assessment Answers

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Oxy-acetylene welding elements are exactly what their name suggests, welding elements that use oxygen and acetylene. The most common is straight acetylene, primarily used for cutting rather than welding.

The significance of oxyfuel is its potential to provide environmentally friendly and economically feasible results. It is regarded as the nature of its cutting tool, commonly known as a plasma torch.

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