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CPCPCM2053A assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the CPCPCM2053A?

The required skills and knowledge to complete this unit is laid out in the course's learning outcomes. That is what the student should be able to do when they finish that unit. Before beginning to study, you should consider three things: when you're going to do it, what you want to get out of it, and how good you are at the subject. This is what you need to know before you get started on your research. Here are some of the learning outcomes that every students learns before completing this unit :

  • The job supervisor provides plans and requirements. WHS and environmental regulations related to hand metal arc welding jobs are followed throughout the process.
  • Quality assurance needs are identified and followed following workplace specifications. Tasks are planned and scheduled with the help of individuals involved in or affected by the task.
  • Equipment and tools, including personal protective equipment, are chosen and serviced. The work environment has been arranged to facilitate optimal arc welding performance.
  • Sustainability principles and ideas are respected when planning and carrying out work processes. Welding needs are determined using requirements and drawings or information provided.
  • Welding materials are identified and selected following working rules. Welds are located following workplace regulations and task criteria. The materials are cleaned and ready for welding.
  • The tools and procedures required for the preparation of welded materials are identified. The welding apparatus is set up, and the appropriate electrodes are chosen following workplace regulations and project specifications.
  • Materials are welded utilizing safe welding procedures following plans, specifications, and task requirements. Appropriate action is taken to report flaws or correct deficiencies in materials or welding equipment, including changes to parameters, electrodes, and welding methods.
  • The workplace is removed, and items are disposed of, reused, or recycled following applicable laws, regulations, standards of practice, and task specifications.
  • Following manufacturer instructions and workplace rules, cleaning, checking, maintaining, and storing tools and equipment. According to workplace standards, information is accessible, and paperwork is completed.

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CPCPCM2053A Assessment Answers

List Of Qualification that Includes CPCPCM2053A Unit

The following are the list of qualification for the unit CPCPCM2053A:




Certificate II in drainage


Certificate III in plumbing


Certificate III in Steelfixing


Certificate III in post-tensioning


Certificate III in fire protection


Certificate III in Roof plumbing

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CPCPCM2053A assessment answers

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Automated welding is exactly what it sounds like: automated welding. This kind of welding often employs robots to do things for them automatically, without human intervention. Automated welding is used in a variety of different situations.

The goal of manual arc welding is to join two pieces of metal together. Manual arc welding can be done with or without filler materials. The resulting weld is very clean and relatively strong when manual arc welding is done without filler material.

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