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The unit CPCPDR3022A covers the installation of below-ground sanitary drainage systems for sewage and waste discharge from sanitary fittings to the authorities' authorised point of connection. This level of education offers the performer skills, expert direction, and rewards through practice. If you're looking for help with CPCPDR3022A assessment answers, Sample Assignment is the place to go. Our subject matter experts offer the best academic support and help with assignment solution on CPCPDR3022A, saving you time and effort. Work application locations might include residential or commercial properties, as well as new construction sites or existing structures that are being refurbished, extended, restored, or maintained.

CPCPDR3022A Assessment Answers

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  • Because of the widespread availability and popularity of online learning, institutions frequently allow students to complete some or all of their coursework online, enabling flexibility in their studies.
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What are the learning outcomes of this unit?

This unit falls under the certificate program of plumbing and trains the individual to install below-ground sanitary drainage systems. The individual must carry out the following performance criteria to achieve the desired results in the professional scenario.

  1. The job specifications are established, and several tiers are achieved. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and environmental regulations related to levelling operations are always followed.
  2. As per changes in the workplace, quality control needs are specified and followed.
  3. Safety precautions, equipment, and supplies are chosen and examined for performance, reliability, and sustainability principles.
  4. Underground services are located, and the work area is prepped to facilitate the installation of sanitary drainage systems.
  5. Existing installations, plans, specifications, and site inspections determine the quantity and type of materials necessary.
  6. Materials and equipment are inspected for conformance to specifications, dockets, order forms and acceptable conditions.
  7. Throughout the installation process, sustainability principles and concepts are used.
  8. Existing services and the authority's approved point of connection are taken into account while pipework is built out according to plans and specifications, site demands, or job instructions.
  9. Pipework is installed in accordance with plans, requirements, norms, and workplace procedures, with little impact on the environment, existing pipework, or other services.
  10. Connections to existing systems are done in accordance with industry standards and manufacturer regulations for revisions, additions, or repairs.
  11. The installation is checked to make sure that it complies with the design drawings, specifications, site requirements, standards, and the prerequisites of the authorities.
  12. The facility is examined to ensure that it meets all applicable standards and laws.
  13. The system is filled up to requirements, the workplace is cleaned, and products are disposed of, reused, or recycled in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations, codes of practise, and job specifications.
  14. Manufacturer instructions and workplace protocols are followed for cleaning, inspecting, maintaining, and storing tools and equipment.
  15. According to regulatory authorities and workplace regulations, information is accessible, and documentation is completed.

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CPCPDR3022A assessment answers

List of Qualifications that Includes this Unit

This unit is accompanied by many additional important qualification units required to function well in a professional industry. Some of these short-term courses and qualifications are as follows:-

Course Code

Course Name


Certificate II in Drainage


Certificate III in Plumbing


Certificate III in Plumbing (Mechanical Services)

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CPCPDR3022A Assessment Answers

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