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CPCPFS3037A Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the CPCPFS3037A unit?

This unit is particularly important when dealing with multi-story properties, which can have different regulations from state to here are some of the learning outcomes listed below:

  • Quality assurance needs are identified and followed under workplace specifications.
  • Tasks are planned and scheduled with the help of individuals involved in or affected by the task. Personal protective equipment and tools and equipment for installation of domestic and residential life safety sprinkler systems are selected and tested for serviceability.
  • The work environment has been created to facilitate the effective installation of household and commercial safety-related fire sprinklers. Designs, requirements, and guidelines are used to identify system needs.
  • The materials chosen must meet the criteria. Plans and specifications are used to determine material quantities.
  • Materials and equipment are inspected for conformity to standards, dockets, order forms, and acceptable conditions.
  • Pipe attachments must adhere to guidelines, planning, and requirements. Fixtures are erected under designs, specifications, and manufacturer standards.
  • Specifications, blueprints, and specifications are followed while installing components, sensors, warnings, pipelines, and materials. The jointing system has been installed under industry norms.
  • Pressure testing is performed under standards, plans, and specifications on the installed system. A test data structure is dictated by plans, requirements, and quality assurance methods.
  • Sustainability principles and ideas are respected when planning and carrying out work processes.
  • Cleaning, checking, maintaining, and storing tools and equipment under manufacturer instructions and workplace rules.

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CPCPFS3037A assessment answers

List Of Qualifications that are include CPCPFS3037A Unit

The following are the qualifications that are included in the unit CPCPFS3037A:




Certificate III in plumbing


Certificate III in fire protection


Certificate III in plumbing ( Mechanical services)


Certificate III in plumbing


Certificate III in plumbing (Mechanical services)


Certificate III in fire protection

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CPCPFS3037A Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The current standard for sprinkler installations is NFPA 13. This is the code for installing automatic fire sprinkler systems in high-rise buildings over 75’ tall.

The first step to putting in a sprinkler system in your home is to call your local city hall and determine whether you need a permit. If you do, get it right away. If not, you can go ahead and start planning your yard. Now that you have found out whether or not you need a permit plan how many zones (areas) of your lawn will be watered. Then choose how many heads (sprinklers) will be in each zone.

A sprinkler system is a safety device that automatically puts itself into operation in case of fire. It floods any area with water to douse a fire before it can do too much damage.

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