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Look at our CPCPGS3057A assessment answers as a preview of what you can expect from us. We've got a 99%+ delivery rate on past clients, and we guarantee you'll love how detailed our answers are. This degree of this unit outlines the outputs needed to size consumer gas pipe conveying natural gas (NG), liquefaction petroleum gas (LPG), or temperate liquefied natural gas (TLPG) or tempered liquefied petroleum gas (TLPG) at pressures no greater than 200kPa. A workplace or a customer's underlying assumptions can be used as the site location for work application. Oil pipelines are often comprised of steel or plastic tubes that are underground. Pump stations along the pipes transport the oil through the pipelines. Natural gas (and other comparable gaseous fuels) are compressed to form Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). Carbon steel is used to build natural gas pipelines. We've got CPCPGS3057A Size consumer gas piping system assignment help available, so you can rest assured that you'll never run out of answers to your questions!

CPCPGS3057A assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the CPCPGS3057A Unit?

You'll learn how to size consumer gas piping systems and identify the calculation methods used in sizing systems. You will also be able to identify and apply appropriate engineering principles and practices for designing a piping system. This module introduces you to domestic hot water heating systems, including storage and instantaneous water heaters. You will be introduced to commercial building design fundamentals and construction techniques related to HVAC design. The following outcomes are presented in a logical order that is intended to give you experience with different aspects of installing gas piping during your studies:

  • Plans, load, specifications, or a site inspection determine installation requirements.
  • Workplace public safety (WHS) and environmental protections for sizing consumer piping systems are followed throughout the project.
  • The quality assurance requirements for the company's operations are identified and followed.
  • Piping materials are chosen following applicable standards, workplace requirements, and statutory and regulatory authorities.
  • Design drawings, instructions, or site inspections calculate and determine gas loads and pipe lengths or instructions.
  • Throughout the sizing process, sustainability principles and concepts are applied.
  • After contacting authorities for information on main gas capacity and available meter outlet pressure, the pressure drop is selected based on standards, regulating authority requirements, specifications, and workplace requirements.
  • A suitable sizing table is chosen for the gas supply type, piping material, and pressure drop.
  • The sizing procedure is carried out following standards, governing quality requirements, specific requirements, automaker requirements, and workforce requirements.
  • The work area has been cleared.
  • According to changes in the workplace, information is accessed, and documentation is completed.

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List of Qualifications that include CPCPGS3057A Unit

we want students to be able to take courses that interest them, we'll make sure they're always able to carry out this dream throughout their entire academic careers. The following are the qualifications that include  CPCPGS3057A:




Certificate III in gas fitting


Certificate III in plumbing


Certificate III in plumbing (Mechanical services)


Certificate III in gas fitting


Certificate III in plumbing (Mechanical services)


Certificate III in plumbing

CPCPGS3057A assessment answers

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Typically, gas pipelines have a diameter of 20–42 inches (51–106 cm). The larger the pipeline's diameter, the more gas it can transport. Diameter is only one factor in determining how much volume of gas a pipeline can carry.

The most complex and costly gas pipeline is the Alaska gas pipeline, also called Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). It cost around $8 billion. The second most expensive gas pipeline is a little more complicated because it’s not a single project but several. The Trans-Mediterranean pipeline will run from Algeria through Tunisia to Sicily, Italy. The Blue Stream will transport natural gas from Russia under the Black Sea into Turkey and then across Turkey into Greece.

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