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This unit outlines the information and skills needed to work in any type of professional photo media creative activity. The following performances are to investigate and experiment with various photo media concepts, produce original photo media work, and assess and present completed work.

The unit is effective for the individuals who work in various media and disciplines and utilise photo media to present or document their work creatively or create sections or the entirety of a finished piece. Still, photos, videos, music, movies, and interactive content are all possibilities. This section does not cover the specialised abilities required by photo imaging experts.

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CUAACD522 assessment answers

What is the Advantage of pursuing a Diploma/Certificate Course in Australia?

Several industrial and other industries suffered challenges due to the outbreak of covid-19. Australia is experiencing a labour and skills shortage in every sector. This provides students with an excellent opportunity to choose a professional route, enroll in a short-term diploma programme, and explore other job opportunities.

Some of the important benefits of choosing a diploma from Australia are:

  • The diploma courses are more flexible than degree courses offered by the colleges. This also allows the working students to take up the course part-time.
  • Diploma courses allow the students to explore various options. The flexible courses enable a confused student to pursue more than one course at a time and make a good career decision.
  • The diploma courses generally have a short-term duration in Australia, not more than 12-18 months than the college degrees, which would take at least 3 years to complete.
  • The fee structure is very reasonable and affordable for everyone, and a lot less than a degree course.
  • Diploma courses do not require any fixed age or high academic grades to enroll; hence, the admission criteria are more relaxed.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the CUAACD522 Unit?

This unit is a part of the graphic designing field and trains the individual to use photo media in various creative practices. The individual has to go through the following performance criteria for achieving desired outcomes in the industrial sector.

  1. Investigate the potential of photo media in your work by consulting relevant sources of knowledge.
  2. Develop photo media projects using various conventional, digital, and experimental tools and processes.
  3. Investigate and test individual characteristics of tools and the possibility of combining them for specific purposes.
  4. Experiment with diverse effects and refine ideas by extending the possibilities of digital, traditional, or experimental picture media instruments.
  5. Exploit tools to increase expertise and confidence to achieve work goals.
  6. During the development process, critically appraise the work's technical and conceptual components.
  7. Complete technical requirements for photo media integration with other media and finalise images and files using appropriate protocols.
  8. Evaluate the efficiency of the work process and identify and respond to possibilities for improvement and review.
  9. Examine the completed work for coherence with the project concept, technical resolution, and applicability to the intended purpose.

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CUAACD522 assessment answers

What are the Qualifications included in the CUAACD522 Unit?

The unit CUAACD522 comes with several graphic designing related qualifications which make the individual efficient in the professional field. These qualifications are -

Unit Code

Unit Name


Diploma of Visual Arts


Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging


Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts


Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design


Diploma of Ceramics


Diploma of Graphic Design

CUAACD522 assessment answers

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