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This unit explains the essential knowledge and skills required to master a practising designer's expertise. It includes gaining technical skills, adapting to the concepts to develop a unique style in this field, and evaluating their use in their work tasks. Designers must progressively develop, evaluate and refine their skills. Research, experimentation and collaboration are important steps in this process.

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CUADES413 Assessment Answers

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Suppose you are thinking about taking the next step in your career and are confused with several options and possibilities. In that case, this might be the right time to opt for a short-term diploma course, which also comes with several benefits, including -

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These are some of the benefits of pursuing a diploma course in Australia. Pursuing a diploma course helps you land a job quicker than any degree course. Completing certain certificates is as valuable as any university-level full-time degree course in Australia.

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CUADES413 assessment answers

What are the learning outcomes of studying the CUADES413 unit?

This unit falls under the creative art and designing field and prepares the individual in several ways to meet the client's needs.

  1. Use opportunities to plan development strategies and technical skills in practising design.
  2. Use feedback and discussions to improve your skills.
  3. Recognise and use applicable media and encourage professional and technical development.
  4. Indulge in experimentation and exploration of new methods and ideas.
  5. Study other works to stimulate ideas and apply the knowledge gained to your work.
  6. Explore and research ideas across different disciplines, and keep up to date about the present design practice.
  7. Develop your style and expand your practice using technologies where needed.
  8. Seek constructive feedback and evaluate your work against the planned strategy for practice.
  9. Look for promotional opportunities and build networks that might be helpful throughout your career.

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List of Qualifications that include this CUADES413 unit

This unit under the design and design process sector comes with several units of qualification listed below.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging


Diploma of Screen and Media


Certificate IV in Live Production and Technical Services


Certificate IV in Design


Certificate IV in Landscape Design


Certificate IV in Screen and Media


Certificate IV in Visual Arts


Diploma of Graphic Design


Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts

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CUADES413 Assessment Answers

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