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This unit explains the knowledge and skills required to clarify digital media techniques and develop a unique personal artistic style in a creative work setting. This involves researching and selecting different digital media techniques and ideas to consolidate the required skills for developing the work setting. The research eventually helps refine the video, sound and animation production.

This unit applies to the individuals working in the digital media industry, with work being completely digital or digital and traditional media combined.

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CUADIG518 assessment answers

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What are the learning outcomes of CUADIG518?

The unit CUADIG518 trains individuals with the necessary skills to refine digital art techniques by teaching them several working methods, including -

  1. Research the works of other artists and evaluate the use of particular digital media techniques to achieve different desired technical effects.
  2. Adapt different ideas while considering intellectual property rights and apply the approaches in your practice.
  3. Process the constraints and limitations of different digital media techniques and select the required for refinement.
  4. Experiment and practice to build confidence in using different techniques and consolidate your practice professionally.
  5. Document ways of experimentation and discuss different ideas to change your approaches and challenge your style, eventually developing your practice.

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CUADIG518 assessment answers

List of qualifications under the unit CUADIG518

The CUADIG518 unit comes with several qualifications to train the individual and make him adept at working in a professional setting in the respective field.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Diploma of Visual Arts


Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services


Diploma of Screen and Media


Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging


Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts


Advanced Diploma of Visual Merchandising


Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

As you see, this unit offers several other graphic designing related qualifications other than just the skills to refine designs in practice.

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CUADIG518 assessment answers

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