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The unit CUAGRD514 teaches the essential knowledge and skills required to use various technical software proficiency and creative design skills to create and manipulate graphics. This includes analysis, refinement and application of techniques to meet the required graphic designing objectives.

This unit applies to all the individuals working in advertising, graphic designing, commercial printing, television, marketing and publishing. These individuals might work with other personnel's ideas and have the liberty of independent work.

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CUAGRD514 Assessment Answers

What are the benefits of studying a short-term diploma course in Australia?

Australia is a great place to choose for completing a short-term diploma course as the country's prevailing labour and skills crisis makes it always in demand for new skilled volunteers in several industrial sectors. The industries recognise various certificates for their recruitment, which are offered by short term diploma courses. Thus, there are several benefits:

  • The diploma courses are primarily short-term courses, and you can complete them within 12-18 months to earn the certificate.
  • The diploma courses are cheaper than the degree courses, and the certificate earned is recognised by all the industrial sectors and would help you land a job.
  • You can easily complete a diploma course online, which gives you a lot of time to explore other career options while pursuing your certificate completion.
  • The Australian authorities allow the students to work part-time with a Students Visa, as per their convenience.
  • Certificate III and IV completion in Australia get people to earn about $3200,potentially more than the first-year university students.

These are some of the pros of doing a short-term diploma course as the next step in your career. A diploma course will free you from your career confusion and help you land a job easier and quicker.

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What are the learning outcomes of studying the unit CUAGRD514?

The unit CUAGRD514 primarily applies to the people indulging in the graphic designing work context. It prepares the individual in several ways to understand better the project to create or manipulate the graphics.

  1. Assess the design needs and communicate with required personnel for the graphics work objectives.
  2. Conduct research and analysis to gain ideas for different graphic techniques and technologies.
  3. Refine and create new ideas for composition by experimentation.
  4. Determine graphic styles to meet the needs of the graphic brief.
  5. Edit and manipulate the graphic objects based on selected design ideas.
  6. Use your technical expertise and skills to identify and resolve technical problems and achieve the desired outcomes.
  7. Refine and edit the graphic to ensure it meets all the technical specifications.
  8. Seek critical feedback from required personnel from your work's technical and aesthetic perspective.

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CUAGRD514 assessment answers

List Of Universities and College That Offer Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

There are several universities and colleges that offer advanced diploma of graphic design. Some of them are as follow:

Universities/College Name

Course Name


Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

Swinburne University

Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

RMIT University

Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

Canberra Institute of Technology

Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

Australian College of Business Intelligence

Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

The Gordon

Diploma In Graphic Design

TAFE WA South Regional

Diploma In Graphic Design

Melbourne Polytechnic

Diploma In Graphic Design

CUAGRD514 Assessment Answers

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