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DESC9138 Assessment Answers

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Students pursuing the course of architectural and audio acoustics will develop skills and knowledge of how sound shapes spatial awareness, entertainment, and communication. This unique degree course will provide students a solid foundation with respect to design, theory and measurement of audio and acoustics.

desc9138 assessment answers

Throughout the course, students will integrate sound recording, new media, aesthetic sound design, and system design with computer modelling, acoustic engineering, and psychology. Students will establish a foundational understanding of the wider aspects of design science such as illumination, sustainable design, building services, and indoor environmental quality. Students in this course possess an opportunity to extend their coursework with a research project, and also benefit from a diversified range of electives related to recording and sound production.

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desc9138 assessment answers

The below listed universities in Australia are renowned for their quality of teaching and research and they offer distinct inter-related degree courses.

  1. University of Sydney
    • Graduate Diploma in Architectural Sciences (Audio and Acoustics)
  2. University of New South Wales
    • Graduate Diploma in Architecture
  3. RMIT University
    • Diploma of building and construction
  4. Swinburne University of Technology
    • Diploma of Building and Construction
  5. Canberra Institute of Technology
    • Diploma of Building and Construction
    • Diploma of Building and Construction
  7. TAFE WA
    • Diploma of Building and Construction
  8. The Gordon Institute of TAFE
    • Diploma of Building and Construction
  9. Melbourne Polytechnic
    • Diploma of Building and Construction

Learning Outcomes of the Course

After completing the course successfully, students will become capable in:

  • Understanding acoustic values of sound pressure, particle velocity, intensity, and power. Depict a basic working of the radiation of sound sources
  • Understanding of working with sound levels. Ability to correctly transform the basic values into sound levels or vice versa
  • Understanding the utilization of spatial, spectral, and temporal integration in acoustical measurements
  • Explaining the major phenomenon of sound propagation including reflection, dispersion, diffraction, refraction, and dissipation. Ability to perform relevant calculations for predicting the sound behaviour in space
  • Understanding the major principles of spectrum analysis. Ability to perform spectral analysis adequately, and correctly manipulating and interpreting spectral data
  • Understanding sound absorption values, and ability to apply these in room acoustics
  • Understanding fundamental theoretical room acoustics, like statistical, wave-based and ray-based paradigms. Ability to perform room acoustical computational modelling
  • Understanding the rating methods, theoretical airborne sound insulation, and method of their application
  • Understand the spatial hearing and loudness perception principles, and their application in acoustic signals
  • Understanding the principles of dynamic loudspeaker drivers.

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desc9138 assessment answers

List of Other Important Units along with DESC9138!

In this unit, students usually study acoustic theory involving mathematics, and apply this theory using computer programs and spreadsheets. Students often seek Diploma Assignment Help to understand the applications from experts.

Along with DESC9138, there are other essential units as well:

Unit Code

Other Essential Units of Study


Building Economics


Building Information Management


Building Energy Analysis


Energy and Resources


Daylight in Buildings


Water Sensitive Design


Environmental Footprints and IO Analysis


Sustainable Construction Technology


Mentoring, Coaching, and Tutoring


Urban Ecology, Design, and Planning


Sustainable Builing Design Principles


Mechanical Services


Life Cycle Analysis


Research in Arch, and Design Science


Graduate Internship


History and Theory of Planning and Design


Introduction to Architectural Science


Lighting Technologies


Land Use and Infrastructure Planning


Introduction to Sustainability

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  • Look for the required formatting style before commencing the assignment solution.
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  • Write the assignment solution by strictly following the marking rubrics provided by the university.
  • Incorporate their problem solving, skills along with knowledge of design programming, digital audio systems, audio and acoustics, audio production and interface design to solve different assignments.
  • Include all necessary elements, and methodologies desired in the assignment.
  • After completion of the assignment solution written in a perfect layout format with proper citation of references, read the file at-least twice or thrice to rectify any error.

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Building acoustics assist in the mitigation of the impacts of noise disturbance that can pose negative influences on wellbeing, health, and general life quality.

  • Philharmonie de Paris, France.
  • Musikverein, Vienna.
  • Opera City Concert Hall, Tokyo.
  • Boston Symphony Hall, Boston.
  • Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany.

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