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EDF5002 Assessment Answers

Introduction to ethics and professional issues in counselling assignment help is now just a click away if you, too, have been looking for professional help to tackle all your academic submissions and exams. This is a popular diploma course that enables the students to learn and strengthen their knowledge base in the legal and ethical issues in a professional counselling setting.

You will learn about the common dilemmas of counsellors while practising counselling for clients or patients. The course explores the horizons of the concept of ethics and how ethical decision-making models can be implemented and sustained. The course is all about delving deeper into the law, code of conduct, social and professional values and applying such conceptual frameworks to tackle ethical dilemmas.

edf5002 assessment answers

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edf5002 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of the EDF5002 Introduction to Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling Course?

This theory course instils in students some valuable key learnings to attain a skilful stance in dealing with ethical and professional issues in a counselling setting. Our EDF5002 academic assistance service experts mention some of these learning outcomes below. Check them out:

  • Comprehend and illustrate understanding of the ethical, professional, legal, and social obligations of professionals of the counselling industry along with learnings from the current academic literature
  • The knowledge of the various legal and professional bodies and their methodical functioning to process a range of ethical matters
  • The ability to make informed and rational ethical decisions using the standard structures for common ethical dilemmas in a professional counselling setting
  • Identify and display an understanding of the ethical needs of the professional organization, society, and other settings in which one plans to practice counselling
  • Reflect upon your own professional and ethical beliefs - both as a counsellor and as a human being. Also, regularly assess the limits of your professional proficiency as a counsellor
edf5002 assessment answer help

Universities that Offer Graduate Diploma in Counseling Courses in Australia

The experts of our FNCE5017 diploma assignment help suggest some universities that offer diploma and certificate courses in Counseling; have a look:

  • Victoria University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Torrens University
  • Griffith University
  • Monash University
  • Bond University
  • La Trobe University
  • University Of Western Sydney
  • Murdoch University
  • University Of Sydney
  • University Of Adelaide

Other Diploma/ Certificate Courses in Counseling in Australia

Some other courses offered in Australia under the same domain of counselling practices are enlisted below by our EDF5002 assignment help online experts; check them out:

  • EDF5000 Lifespan Development and Counseling
  • EDF5001 Counseling for Change and Transition
  • EDF5003 Foundations in Counseling: Evidence-Based Practice

If you need more information and brainstorming to decide which course would be the best for you as per your interests and future career plans, connect with our EDF5002 assignment help experts now!

Ethical Challenges faced in a Professional Counseling Setting

  • While working with so many different approaches, it could be that the therapist may not develop a sufficient depth in even one.
  • The therapist and even the person seeking help could get befuddled and may even deteriorate their health further.
  • The person seeking help may require more assurance that the therapist choosing the modalities is not biased for the ease of therapy but benefitting them for real.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Autonomy, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and fidelity are some of the fundamental ethical principles in professional counselling.

Maintaining Boundaries, Professional Ability, Personal Problems, Maintaining Confidentiality, Respecting Client Differences, Getting the Authorities Involved, Maintain Their Role, Maintaining Therapy are some of the common grounds where ethical dilemmas are often formed in a counselling setting.

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